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If You're Obsessed With Vaseline

I was wondering through Superdrug when I found this! it's amazing, a giant tub of Vaseline with 4 regular sized tins inside. Even though I have a bunch of quite large tubs of Vaseline at home, when I saw this in the store I think I jumped a bit in excitement.

This set contains:

Vaseline Lip Therapy (regular vaseline)
Rosy Lips Vaseline
Aloe Vera Vaseline
Cocoa Butter Vaseline

I would say that my favourite is surely the Rosy Lips Vaseline, it gives a very nice pink tint on the lips that looks very natural and it has such a pleasant rose smell. The cocoa butter one also has an incredible smell which almost makes you want to eat it, but don't!

I don't know how long this will be out for that's why I grabbed one as soon as I saw it and I think this would make a really nice gift for someone. I've seen some different prices for this around but it's definitely a bargain at £3.50!

Who wants one?