fancy beach swagger

I wore the first outfit (black hoodie) traipsing around town, getting some errands done, and taking a nice stroll on the beach. When I got home I changed into the second outfit to go see a play. I love the necklace, it's my bling!

t shirt - thrifted
necklace - forever 21
jeans - stitches
belt - zellers
hoodie - h&m
shoes - converse

t shirt - thrifted
necklace - forever 21
skirt - sirens
belt - zellers
tights - the bay
cardigan - h&m
shoes - urban planet

In other news, I leave on my trip for Europe in 21 days- so soon! It seems like I had so many months to go, and now I'm scrambling to get everything done. I wish I could say that I will be posting fabulous pictures of myself in skyscraper heels standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks; but alas I will be backpacking and will only be taking as much as i can carry!

I am so excited though, and am planning on taking in lots of museums and as much fashion related exhibits and events as I possibly can.

I'm going to be away for 3 months (hopefully I will be able to blog a bit while I'm away) and would love to hear from you guys of any sweet places I should check out- I'm going to be going to: Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Dublin, Galway, and Belfast.
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New Sondra Roberts Mini Side Messenger Bags
A compact side bag dressed up with gold hardware, this nylon bag is durable yet fashionable.
One of our favorite summer accessories. And New to The Sr Squared Line By Sondra Roberts
Nylon exterior with Patent or Faux leather trim and cotton lining.
,Detachable adjustable nylon shoulder strap,Gold hardware.
Interior zipped pocket and accessory pocket,Two exterior zipped pockets and a latched pocket. Zipped main closure.
9 W X 1 D X 91/2 H

Colors Available:
Black with Black Patent Trim
Orange with Brown Pebble Trim
Lime Green with Brown Pebble Trim
Grey with Black Patent Trim
Purple with Black Patent Trim

Price $75.00

Check it out


i am just your ordinary average everyday sane psycho supergoddess

Two outfits for the price of one! I have been wearing many variations on the dress shirt/black skirt ensemble; with more outfit pictures sure to come... it's my go-to outfit at the moment!

jacket - g-girl fashion (main st., vancouver)
light pink dress shirt - thrifted + dyed
necklace - urban planet
skirt - thrifted
tights - the bay
belt - joe fresh
shoes - urban planet
bag - h&m

white shirt - thrifted
necklace - urban planet
belt - urban planet
skirt - thrifted
purple tights - american apparel
black (self-ripped) tights - the bay
shoes - urban planet
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This is my pink Clint Eastwood shirt. You're welcome.

the pink clint eastwood shirt - ebay
black cardigan - h&m
jeans - urban planet
shoes - converse
dickies camo bag - camoflage (store in vancouver)
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motorcycle mama

I saw a shot of Taylor Momsen in the new Teen Vogue (similar to the one above except she's wearing a leather jacket over the outfit); and while I was scanning the page I realized- I must have her shoes!!

a close up:

and more motorcycle boots:

I've been seeing alot of leather/strap-laden/zippered/sexy boots/heels posts on peoples blogs recently. I think this is an epidemic.

taylor pics from

[EDIT] I found out more about Taylor's shoes through Gossip Girl Closet. The shoes are Nine West Cuzza Booties (Cuzza??), and you can find them for sale on Amazon for only $45!! Sadly they don't ship to Canada, but I found them and bought them on Ebay! They are so bootiful...

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Movie Star Style: Pretty In Pink

I got so excited while watching 'Pretty In Pink" that I started working on this post before the movie even ended.
Angie, played by Molly Ringwald, shops at the Sally Ann, sews her own clothing, wears prints that clash completely, and most importantly, wears lots and lots of PINK. She probably has drawer upon drawer of jewlery, and reworks clothing whenever she gets tired of it. She's eclectic, eccentric and a total trendsetter (maybe not to the 'rich girls' in the movie...). She has a pink car too!

As soon as I saw her in the pink mens' shirt I thought "AHHH I TOTALLY HAVE TO DO THAT!!" so I have to go to Value Village asap for a big mens shirt, and to Fabricana for some fabric dye... it's too easy!

screencaps from
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i don't wanna bend like the bad girls bend, i just wanna be your friend

i wore this on saturday when hanging out with a friend watching movies, as well as the next day when i went to go see a play at my alma mater and grab some food from mc d's (when i find an outfit i like i usually wear it over and over until i'm tired of it and have to figure out something else to wear...). i'm really into the casual rock n roll look right now!

t-shirt - wal-mart
multi-coloured scarf - garage
jeans - stitches
jacket - bluenotes
bag - h&m
heart sunglasses - spencer gifts
shoes - converse
food - mc dicks
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