A Home Remedy for Painful Corns

Homemade Herbal Recipe for Painful Corns

2 ounces fresh ivy leaves.

Soak the leaves in vinegar in a pot or jar that has a lid. The vinegar should just Gover the leaves.

Cover the pot or jar and let the leaves soak for two weeks. However, keep adding more vinegar to the jar/pot to replace vinegar that is absorbed by the leaves.

At the end of two weeks the leaves are ready for use. Bind a leaf on the corn with medicated gauze.

Change the leaf twice a day until the corn is soft enough to be lifted out.

Natural Skin Care

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Elle Canada Trend Report - Fall/Winter 2008-2009

Looks like this is going to be a fun Fall season!... my faves are in bold.

1. architectural
2. puritan
3. men's fabrics
4. boho
5. fur
6. lady
7. fall hues
8. long & lean
9. knits
10. coordinates
11. skirts
12. coats
13. pants
14. blouses

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A Return to Sophistication

I've never seen Mad Men but I love the fashion...

Runway: Michael Kors

I like how Michael Kors pairs fancy skirts with sweaters- I'll definetly be trying it this fall.
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I hate ponchos

-but I love CAPES.

1. gossip girl 2. caroline herrera 5. project runway

Capes seem so much more sophisticated than ponchos... but just to be clear, there is one poncho I love more than anything in the world (including the guy who wears it...):

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How to Deal with Excess Weight?

Each extra pound of fat you carry represents an over supply of 3500 calories. In order to get rid of these excess calories, you need to get down to work.

Get plenty of rest while trying to lose weight. The body burns half a calorie per pound of body weight per hour in sleep.

Insurance company statistics show that over-plump clients are poorer medical risks than slimmer ones.

However, there is no real merit in a "crash diet".

Whether you plan to lose, to gain or just to maintain your weight, there can be no lasting effect from quickie-programs that you abandon in three weeks' time.

Instead, this is a lifetime process. There should be no rigid rules. What you need is a positive resolution to eat healthy food and develop healthy food habits.

Exercise before meals is relaxing. Once you are relaxed, you will probably eat more slowly than normal, which, in turn, means that you will also eat less I

A well-balanced meal and the basic principles of sensible eating given overleaf, along with exercises, should help you control and maintain your weight effectively.

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Want List - Betseyville

I went into a Betsey Johnson store in Toronto for the first time a few days ago. *breathless* It's like a cotton candy paradise! (I referenced cotton candy in the last post too..?) So many puffy crinolined dresses. It is pretty much my dream store. I'm kicking myself for not picking up a Betsey Johnson bag from Winners that they were selling for $25.

Sigh. If only. I'm kind of pining after a really big leather-type bag with lots of zippers and clasps and pockets.
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The newly Revamped Sondra Roberts 4 Snap Envelope are Now here

The New Revamped Sondra Roberts Medium 4 Snaps are now available

They are Faux Snakeskin and come in 8 colors

they are a beauty and great for personal use or Gifts

Check them out at www.thefashionplate.com

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cotton candy hottness.

Vogue Nippon August 2008
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Want List

the 'want list' grows and grows... to value village i go!
  1. non-skinny but not too wide jeans
  2. skinny jeans - black, dark blue
  3. shirts/tops to tuck into high waisted jeans
  4. ripped up jeans
  5. high waisted skirts
  6. slip (to wear under that kind-of see through dress i bought)
  7. old mens watch to spray paint a neon colour
  8. metallic belt
  9. cardigans
  10. some sweet night-on-the-town heels
  11. oxford heels
  12. cropped blazer/jacket
  13. flannel shirt
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Style Star: Kanye West

I'm not a fan of Kanye's attitude but I am a fan of his style. He knows how to mix the sporty and preppy look- and you can learn a thing or two by going to Kanye Univercity and checking out Kanye's blog. He gives 'lessons' on style, design, and of course, some of todays hottest models.

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