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Fiat намерен выкупить пакет акций Chrysler

Итальянский автоконцерн Fiat намерен выкупить пакет акций Chrysler у правительства США, доведя свою долю в американском автопроизводителе к июню 2011 г. до 52%. Как сообщает, Fiat уведомил Министерство финансов страны, что использует опцион на покупку акций Chrysler. Стоимость сделки будет обсуждаться в течение 10 рабочих дней. Если соглашение не будет достигнуто, Fiat заплатит за акции цену, определенную инвестиционными банками, назначенными обеими сторонами. После покупки этих активов Fiat станет держателем контрольного пакета Chrysler.
В настоящий момент Fiat владеет 46% Chrysler. После состоявшегося на минувшей неделе частичного погашения долгов американской компании в размере 7,6 млрд долларов у правительства США осталось 6,6% акций Chrysler, а у канадского — 1,7%. Второй по размеру пакет акций компании (40%) принадлежит американскому профсоюзу автомобильных рабочих UAW.
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Princess Kate And Prince Williams Wedding

kate and williams first kissOn Friday, 29 April 2011, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge married Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey, London. William, who is second in the line of succession to Queen Elizabeth II, first met Middleton in 2001, while both were students at the University of St Andrews. Their engagement, which began on 20 October 2010, was announced on 16 November 2010.

Princess Kate Middleton Wedding PicsThe build-up to the wedding and the occasion itself attracted much media attention, with the service broadcast live around the world, and with it being compared and contrasted in many ways to the last high profile British royal wedding in the United Kingdom, the 1981 marriage of William's parents, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. It was watched by a global television audience of over 2 billion. Much of the attention focused on Middleton's status as a commoner marrying into royalty. Hours before the service, William was granted the titles of the Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Struthers, and Baron Carrick Fergus by the Queen. Upon her marriage, Middleton therefore became Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Struthers, Baroness Carrick Fergus, but is not styled as 'Princess Catherine'.Princess kate Middleton Wedding Dress
Princess Kate MiddletonAs William was not the immediate heir to the throne, the wedding was not a full state occasion, with many details left to the couple themselves to decide, such as much of the the guest list of about 1,900. It was, however, a public holiday in Britain and featured many ceremonial aspects, including use of the state carriages and roles for the Foot Guards and Household Cavalry. It was attended by most of the Royal Family, as well as many foreign royals, diplomats, and the couple's chosen personal guests.kate and williams Wedding Picture
Kate Middleton Wedding Dress
Middleton wore a white dress with a 270-centimetre  train, by English designer Sarah Burton, as well as a tiara lent to her by the Queen. William wore the uniform of his honorary rank of Colonel of the Regiment for the Irish Guards. William's best man was his brother, Prince Harry, while the bride's sister, Pippa, acted as her maid of honor. The Royal wedding ceremony began at 11:00 am BST (UTC+1). The Dean of Westminster officiated most of the service, with the Archbishop of Canterbury conducting the marriage ceremony itself and the Bishop of London giving the sermon. A reading was also given by the bride's brother, James. After the ceremony, the newly married couple traveled in procession to Buckingham Palace for the traditional appearance on the balcony and a fly past before crowds assembled in The Mall.Kate and Williams Ring CeremonyFollowing the wedding, the couples intend to continue residing on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales, where Prince William is based as an RAF Search and Rescue pilot.Princess Kate And Prince Williams Wedding Pictures

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Princess Kate And Prince Williams Attends Evening Party At Buckingham Palace

Kate Middleton wears another Sarah Burton’s strapless white satin gazar dress and this dress looks much better than the previous one. She really looks gorgeous in this dress. She actually wears this dress in the evening party at Buckingham Palace followed her wedding. Check out her stunning dress designed by one of the best designer, Sarah Burton.

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Princess Kate Middleton

Princess Kate Middleton Wedding
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Princess Kate Middleton

Princess Kate Middleton And Prince Williams
Princess Kate MiddletonPrincess Kate MiddletonPrincess Kate Middleton

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Diamond Watches

Why do people wear diamond watch? Of course teens want to emulate their personalities, and as a result, bling jewelry, including diamond watches, was a major fashion statement. The reason is that an increasing number of designer watches are now on the market with different brands under the distinctive styles that have classic diamond watches modern twist.

There are diamond watches, and then there are diamond watches like this. Graff metaphorically knocks on the door of luxury with a resounding "bling bling!" arrival announcement. You simply don't get too much more "diamond watch" than this timepiece figuratively held hostage by the precious stones. The case and bracelet (what little of it is actually metal!) is done in 18k white gold while a dizzying collection of 176 diamonds on the case and another 94 diamonds on the bracelet that crowd the design of the watch like a bunch of too many densely packed wealthy neighbors. The entire watch has 59 carats of pure glitzy glory. Likewise the timepiece is known as the Superstar, or GraffSuperstar. Whatever the title, this watch is is certainly a statement about the woman wearing it. However that statement might be "I enjoy rubies and emeralds in my breakfast cereal." Sorry gentlemen, we will have to settle for a less diamond studded version. Stones on the Superstar watch are in trilliant and trapeze cuts that gives a very modern and angular shape that is also quite cohesive. Round cut stones make for good decor, but these more angular cuts allow for a more tiled look that enhances the "total diamond watch" style that Graff is going for. My instincts tell me that the movement inside the watch is Swiss quartz. The dial of the watch is no testament to legibility, but should be readable - a nice trapeze cut emerald is the only non-diamond stone of the bunch and serves as the 12 o'clock marker. Not the type of watch you want to wear publicly in certain parts of the world, cost to likely be tantamount to purchase of said parts of the world.

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