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5 Moisturizers I want to try

I can't get enough of moisturizers, there's so many to choose from and the thrill of choosing between all the different packaging and textures is addictive to say the least. I've tried many moisturizers and even though I'm drawn to the more expensive ones, it's the cheap ones that always do the trick. But you can still dream right?

La Prairie Anti Aging Day Cream, £126
Looks really thick and luxurious in texture just how I like it! This claims to increase cell turnover and increase collagen and has an spf of 30. The packaging is quite luxe too and it so it should be at that price!

Creme De La Mer, £94
I'm sure everybody this knows this one! The famous cream used by all the celebrites. I did try this in the store and it had a very strange consistency it was very slippery and slimy, it didn't feel very moisturizing either but did leave a clear "film" on the skin afterwards and felt very smooth. So I would like to investigate this further.

Nuxe Creme Fraiche,
This is seriously one of my most favourite brands ever, the quality of their products are outstanding without a hefty price tag either. This seems like a thick tub of fabulousness! something nourishing for really dry skins.

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream £21
This seems like a good cream and apparantly Jennifer Aniston uses this too. This cream is supposed to regenerate the top layer of the skin and contains extracts of over 1,075 rose petals in each tube!

Estee Lauder Daywear Plus, £35
This is an award winner almost every year it seems. It provides anti oxidant protection with an spf of 15 and is known for it's light fresh cucumber smell. Definitely must try at least once!