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For The Love of Dove

Dove products have always been part of my routine, I think the main reason I keep buying the brand is because of the unique smell which I really love. The brand itself started in 1956 in USA and is still today a trusted brand worldwide.

Dove Soap Bar
A cult favourite everywhere, incredibly creamy and leaves skin moisturized. It does irritate skin and has a light fresh milky smell. 

Dove Intensive Cream
Very nourishing to say the least, this cream is extremely thick and it truly feels like rubbing butter on yourself. I t  does not have the classic Dove smell which is a bit of a let down, this has a more chemical based smell. Good for moisturizing the body but I would say a bit too thick for using on the face.

Dove Silk Glow Body Wash,
A really nice body wash with a very silky feel and a pleasant light scent. Makes your skin feel very smooth and silky, but not quite a match for the classic soap bar.