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The Reasons Behind Cosmetics Procedures

The Reasons Behind Cosmetics Procedures

There are so many reasons as to why a person may consider having various forms of cosmetics procedures. It has become almost a joke in society where people that have undergone physical changes to their body by way of treatments, procedures and surgery and these are often put down to vanity. However, there are more reasons that just vanity to have come sort of cosmetics procedure.

First of all, a woman may lose a breast due to breast cancer and therefore a replacement is often inserted to balance the body out again and also for the woman to feel back to her usual self. This applies to many cosmetics procedures and another example is permanent makeup. This can be used for those that have problems with regards to their skin such as pigmentation abnormalities and much more besides and therefore permanent cosmetics are used to disguise this. When a person feels unhappy about their body it can be almost soul destroying. This is the reason why so many people opt for procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation or enlargement and face lifts. The results can look a million dollars and thankfully, due to the demand of the procedures, they no longer have to cost this much. This means that it is now easier than ever to stay looking younger for longer and to have the body that you desire without sacrifice. Of course there are risks that are associated with the cosmetics procedures but as a general rule for those that desire the surgery, the pros outweigh the cons massively.
Cosmetics procedures can help get a person back on track when they are desperately unhappy with various areas of their body and you should remember this the next time that you look at a person and assume they have had treatments or procedures due to just vanity.

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possibly the easiest BLEACHED JEAN tutorial ever (in 5 steps)

So I bleached some jeans. And they turned out aweeesooommmme! After skulking around the internet for ages reading tutorials, I finally decided to make up my own way of jean bleaching. All the tutorials I could find involved buckets of bleach or elastic bands for a tie-dye look, but I was convinced I could get the look i wanted without a bucket or elastic bands.

If you attempt this easy-as-pie project you'll need a few things:
bleach (of course)
rubber gloves
garbage bags/newspaper (something to lay down underneath what you're bleaching)
a plastic cup

do this outside. it smells gross (kind of like the pool at the community centre times a MILLION).
wear clothes that you won't mind getting a little bleach on.

i dabbed a bit of bleach on the inside waistband of the jeans and left it for 5 minutes to see how long they would need. the length of time you leave the bleach on your jeans will depend what kind of wash your jeans already have. mine were pretty dark, so it took an hour in full to bleach them. during the entire hour of bleaching, i stalked hovered over the jeans because i wasn't sure how long it would take.


first thing i did was lay the jeans out flat on the ground (on top of garbage bags). to get the look i acheived, i reached my arm down one leg and pulled them up my arm so that they were bunched up about half as long as they originally were. repeat with leg 2. i turned the legs slightly around (so that the outside seam was facing more towards the sky- but just slightly) because i wanted more bleach on the outsides than on the inside. the butt of the jeans remains flat on the ground.


grab your plastic cup, (i used quite a small one) and fill it with bleach. what i did was pour the cup of bleach down the length of each leg, focusing on the outside seam. some of the bleach runs off the jeans completely and most of it gathers in puddles on the jeans. i also tossed some bleach around the waistband and pockets hapazardly. i left them for about 10 minutes (checking back every few minutes. basically hovering over them the entire time, afraid they would turn white instantaneously!)


at this point i turned the legs around even more and focused on the back of the jeans (still keeping them bunched up). i poured more bleach down the length of each leg. i also picked up the jeans at the waistband (while leaving the legs on the ground) and tossed a bit of bleach on the back pockets and left that part to sit in a puddle of bleach that formed on the garbage bags. i left the jeans this way for 10 minutes, then picked up the jeans and stretched them out flat on the ground (at that point you can turn the jeans around a few times and see if there's anywhere you missed). i then left them for 20 minutes.
at this point, it may be good to start up your washing machine and throw some soap in so it will be ready as soon as the hour is up.

after the 20 minutes was up i went back, bunched them up again and poured bleach down each leg and left them bunched up for another 20 minutes. as you'll notice in the pictures, there is a bit of a two-tone affect (some super-white bleached parts, some less so). if you just want one shade of bleached-ness, stop at step three.
they were turning a bit yellow at this point, but rest assured when they come out of the washer they are white as snow.

throw (or 'place') your jeans in the washing machine.

IN A NUTSHELL: bunch up your jeans. throw some bleach on them. leave for an hour. wash.

studded tank - primark
cardigan - h&m
jeans - h&m + diy bleached
shoes - converse

i am so happy with the completed project and i hope it helps out some other DIY-ers out there. if you use this method i would love to see your results...
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Weight Loss Update

I have been working out and trying to eat right. I am on week 5 of the couch to 5k program. I have also started strength training. That is going to be the hardest part for me. I hate lifting weights, but I am going to make myself stick to it. I have also decided that I am going to start Weight Watchers. The Best Life Diet just was not working for me. It says that there are some things that you cannot have in your diet, and I just don't believe that. Everything in moderation...isn't that what they say. So I ordered the WW guide and calculator off of Ebay. Yes, I am too cheap to actually join the program, plus I do not think I need the group support. Not for that anyway. I have already started my daily food log while I am waiting for my items to arrive. This actually helps me watch what I eat. And "they" also say that keeping a log is good for you. Maybe I should start listening to "them".

I have also decided that I am not going to weigh myself at all in October. This is going to be hard for me. I weigh myself all the time. I never like what it reads, but I do it all the time. All it does is go up and down and it is frustrating. I think it is detrimental to my goals. So no weighing myself in October. I will see if this helps me lose weight. I will see.

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Gayle King's Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion 2009

Gayle King's Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion 2009

The best friend of Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, attended the screening of Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” The screening was held at New York City’s School of Visual Arts Theater. Gayle looked great as she arrived at the screening.
Gayle King's Fashion Statement

Gayle wore a knee-length, tank style dress in a bright fuchsia color. It looked great on her. Her dark skin made it a very complimentary color and the simplicity of the dress is part of what made it so gorgeous. Her dress had no frills or many extra designs; it simply showed off her curves in all the right places, was a flattering color, and looked great. Her accessories were a gold cuff bracelet, a brown beaded bracelet, and a necklace that was made of various polished stones. She carried a pink purse in a snakeskin design and wore high heels that matched the purse, both in color and design.
Gayle wore her hair parted off center. She had soft curls in her hair that went inward and outward. The effect was beautiful; her hair seemed to frame her face and head like a halo. Auburn hair suits Gayle. Her style would be easy to copy and it made her appear much younger. She lined her eyes in black, making them stand out, and highlighted them with pink eyeshadow. She also wore a dark pink lipstick that went well with what she was wearing. Gayle looked stunning and professional, while still appearing casual enough to be comfortable.

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Herbal Skin Care for Healthy Skin

Herbal Skin Care for Healthy Skin - Fall, Winter 2010 Tips

The whole idea behind herbal skin care is to keep damaging substances away from the skin and using products that can potentially save the skin; adding moisture when it is needed, preventing premature aging and generally pampering it every once in a while. For a lot of people, the whole herbal skin care idea is just a lot of “mumbo jumbo” but the cold reality is that you could be incorporating herbal skin care into your daily skin regime without even knowing it.

Photo/Cindy Andrie
How many times have you used a product that contains aloe vera? This is a herbal remedy for many things and can be used to soothe burns, grazes and sun burn and also is a product contained within many of the commercial skin care products. There have even been reports that it can turn back time so to speak and is used in many anti-aging products.
As well as aloe vera, lavender is often used in many beauty products and this is good for calming the body and mind. The soothing properties can be used on sun burn but is also a really good thing to use to calm down inflamed or sore skin and also to tone the skin, bringing about reports of anti-aging properties.
One of the last things within herbal skin care that must be talked about is green tea. This has been studied over many years for the weight loss properties that it apparently has but has also been used in skin care studies for various reasons. One of the benefits that green tea has been showed to have on the skin is to offer protection from skin cancer by reducing the amount of damage that the sun has on the skin. There have also been studies to see the anti-aging properties of green tea and although this has not yet been scientifically proven, it would appear that it does have some effects on the signs of aging.

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Leighton Meester Trendy Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion

Leighton Meester's Trendy Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion

Silver dresses seemed to be in vogue at the MTV 1009 Video Music Awards held in New York City. Radio City Music Hall has never looked brighter. While some of the stars – like Leighton Meester – looked great in a metallic dress, some of them just looked blindingly ridiculous.
Leighton Meester's Trendy Fashion Style

Leighton wore her hair down. She had it in loose waves, which was a great style for her. She parted her hair in the center and brushed her bangs back out of her face. It was a great idea as it showed off her very pretty structure. She wore a pinkish lipstick that was a good color with her hair and skin tone. She brought out her beautiful eyes with black and silver eyeliner, mascara, and a silvery eyeshadow. Oh, if only everyone could pull off a makeup style like that.
Leighton wore a short-sleeved mini dress that was metallic silver. There were silvery designs made into the dress that almost resembled a circuit board but were far from tacky. It was an eye-catching design that was as pretty as it was modern. Leighton carried a cute, silver-accented clutch purse, and wore a silver and brown bangle, silver rings, and silver earrings to accent her outfit. The only troublesome thing was her shoes. They were oddly styled booties that seemed out of place on her and more like they belonged in a bad sci-fi TV show. The cuff part seemed to be beaded and was distracting; she would have done better to wear simple silver or white sandals. Despite the shoes, Leighton was beautiful as she walked the red carpet.

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How To Keep Your Boredom At Bay?

More people today suffer from loneliness although their neighborhood may be teeming with people. When you are lonely then depression soon sets in and you lose interest in life.

Boredom and Your Life
To keep loneliness away from your life, you should go out of your way to make friends with, exchange a smile, pay them a compliment or just engage in ordinary conversation by asking where you can get a good bargain on clothes, vegetables, etc. Soon you will find them in animated conversation with you and this may lead to lasting friendship.

Magazines, Journals and Books can be your greatest friends; they not only enlighten and educate you but also keep your mind occupied gainfully.

Hobbies and Boredom
Even hobbies can make you forget your loneliness. The choice of hobbies depends upon your own choice. Engaging in creative arts like embroidery, knitting, writing, painting, etc. will not only keep you away from boredom, but, at the same time they have wonderful healing qualities according to a recent research.

Have a pleasant cordial relationship with everybody but refrain from getting much emotional with any of them, otherwise, some may even try to take advantage of your good nature. Learning to say no is a very valuable skill, if you show signs of being easily pushed over, rest assured, you will always be pushed over. Don't say yes, just because a no might involve unpleasantness. Learn to soften the blow when you refuse, and the next time around you won't be bothered.

Always keep your cool, under no circumstances blow your head off or burst into tears if someone shouts at you. Always be in control of yourself when dealing with people. When you are in control of yourself, the situation itself will come under control.

Keep Your Boredom At Bay with Gossip
Gossip is great to hear and fun to tell, but it will turn people away from you. Remember, if you bitch about others, others also will bitch about you. Making friends is easy but keeping them is very difficult, therefore, if you want to be away from loneliness and boredom never get too involved with anybody, always keep your personal feelings under control and enjoy yourself.

To keep young and healthy try to pursue something, which keeps you occupied and busy. But, before starting anything, study the opportunities available and see that the particular work gives you satisfaction, both mentally and physically.

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Skulls and Daggers

Outfit posts are baaaAAAAAaaaack! It's about time. I've been struggling through a severe bout of procrastination. Mostly in terms of job searching (so I guess blogging is the least of my procrastinating worries).

Jacket - New Yorker
Skull Scarf - Miss Selfridge
Tee - Thrifted
Jeans - Primark
Boots - Peacocks

It seems like everyone is twittering nowadays. As you can see from the righthand column, so am I! You can find me at so add me! And if you do make sure to send me a tweet and I'll follow you back fo sho, mo fo.

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Going Green: Buying Organic for the Budget Conscious

I am the type of person who buys organic without thinking of the price. I know, bad, bad. But right now it is just me and the hubs so we do that. It most likely will not be that way forever and I will have to put myself on a shopping budget. I still want to buy organic, but what if it does not fit into my budget? Well, there are some things that you should buy organic (whether you are trying to go green or not) and there are some that it does not make that big of a difference. So when should you make the investment to go organic.

The Environmental Working Group scored food pesticides levels on a variety of produce from 1 to 100 (1 being the lowest). These pesticides can cause a variety of health problems including risks of cancers and hormone imbalances.

These fruits and vegetables have higher rankings due to pesticide use or absorption:
The Worst (you definitely need to buy these organic)peaches
bell peppers
grapes (imported)
The Cleanest (save the money if you cannot afford it)
sweet corn
sweet peas
sweet potatoes
Check out the Shopper's Guide to Pesticides here. Happy and Healthy shopping.

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Shakira Latest Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion

Shakira's Latest Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion

Shakira and Pink are known for being sassy and beautiful. When the two showed up in the exact same dress for MTV’s Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall, there was no doubt who looked the best. Shakira looked great and beat Pink in the fashion arena hands down.
Shakira - Great Outfit

Shakira showed off her gorgeous hair by wearing it in a loosely waved layered cut. Layered cuts are so versatile, it’s no wonder the stars love them. Shakira parted her hair on the side and let it just fall where it wanted; it was a wonderful look for her. Shakira wore her makeup perfect, as usual. She wore a pink lipstick, a touch of blush to bring out her great cheekbones, and just enough shadow to bring out her lined eyes. Shakira has a beautiful face; thank goodness, she knows how to wear her makeup.
Shakira wore a sleeveless, leather mini dress with silver studs. The dress had a pattern of diamonds over the main part with the hems being decorated in silver and brown beads that formed a chain pattern. She looked chic and sleek with the dress showing off her curves beautifully. Shakira is one of the very few who can wear leather like it is meant to be worn. She wore a pair of incredible boots. They were thigh-high, black leather, high heeled, and incredibly sexy. She topped her outfit off with a simple black leather bracelet and black leather clutch. If there had been a best dressed award for the red carpet, Shakira would have won.

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Katy Perry Latest Fashion Styling

Katy Perry's Latest Fashion Styling

The MTV 2009 Video Music Awards were held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. There were many beautiful stars there. Katy Perry is one of the beautiful stars, but her outfit was straight out of a nightmare.
Katy Perry's Style - No Go!

Katy’s outfit elicits just one question: What was she thinking?! The star wore a rather skimpy silver dress that looked like it would better suit an ice skater during a performance than a star walking the red carpet. The dress was a sleeveless number with a skirt that was varying lengths; it was much too short on the hips. It laced up the back similarly to a corset but without the added sex appeal. It even had small spikes poking out of the sequins! Katy was practically blinding in the lights and camera flashes; she could be seen a mile away. While the dress was form fitting, it was unflattering in the cut and color. Katy would have looked much better in a dress that suited her better and wasn’t something that looked like it was out of a bad sci-fi movie. Her shoes were just as bad – they too were bright and sparkly silver. The toes were very pointed and seemed a little too big for her. The only accessory she wore was a silver ring; perhaps if she’d worn a few more tasteful accessories she could have toned down that dress some. Katy wore her hair down in loose waves with her bangs swept off her forehead. It was a beautiful and simple style that, while it accented her lovely features, just wasn’t enough to make up for her dress. She highlighted her eyes with silver liner and wore a silvery eyeshadow. It was a nice touch and looked very pretty on her; at least it wasn’t as bright as that dress. She wore a coral lipstick that seemed too bright on her but at least it was consistent with the brightness of the rest of her outfit. If ever there was a fashion mistake, Katy Perry was it.

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Kara DioGuardi Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion

Kara DioGuardi's Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion

“American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi graced the red carpet at the 2009 MTV Video Music awards. The event was held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and Kara was just one of the many stars who attended. She looked fabulous.
Kara DioGuardi's Perfect Style

Kara wore a black, one-shoulder sheath dress with a wide black belt. It was simple and elegant. Black is a wonderful color on her and she looked stunning. The dress showed off her figure without being to revealing, proving that no star needs to show a lot of skin to look beautiful. She accented her outfit with a few gothic style accessories – large silver bangle, silver armband, black polish, and beautiful silver teardrop earrings. Kara carried a posh black clutch with silver accents and had on one of the best pairs of heels the red carpet has ever seen. They were black stilettos with a black strap across the toes and a see-thru black strap around the ankles. They were beautiful shoes that suited her outfit perfectly and that could easily be worn with a variety of different outfits.
Kara wore her hair half-up in a beautiful, loose style. She pulled her hair back and let it fall down her back naturally. It’s a simply and beautiful style that looks great on any woman. She wore her makeup perfect too. She wore a pale, silvery blue eyeshadow that highlighted her eyes and brought out their pretty sparkle. Lining her eyes also helped to emphasize them. She wore a pretty pink lipstick that matched her skin tone and she looked every bit as good as the other female stars there.

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Justin Bieber Haircut Style, Fashion 2009

Justin Bieber's Haircut Style, Fashion 2009, 2010

Fifteen-year-old pop music star Justin Bieber attended the MTV Video Music Awards. The event, held in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, had to have been almost overwhelming for the young star. But Justin looked comfortable and at home on the red carpet.
Casual Justin Bieber

Justin dressed simply; he did not let the event decide on his clothes. While most of the male stars were dressed in suits or leather jackets, Justin went as the teenage boy he is. He wore baggy, dark blue jeans, a red t-shit, and a stylish grey short-sleeved jacket. He wore his pants tucked into red sneakers that had the tongue of the shoe sticking straight up; on anyone older, that would have looked silly but it suited a teenager. He wore a sporty digital watch and two necklaces – a dog tag and a cross. He looked like he was meant to be walking the red carpet and his confidence said he was much older than his fifteen years.
Justin had his haircut short in a rounded bob. The cut had a few layers and was cut to the nape of his neck but not too closely. It went over his ears rather than being trimmed around them. His bangs were a bit longer and were swept around his face on the sides and across his forehead. It was a very cute hairstyle and Justin looked adorable in it. Older stars probably would not have been able to pull a hairstyle like that off without looking foolish!

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Jennifer Lopez Style at MTV Video Music Awards

Jennifer Lopez' Style at MTV Video Music Awards

Award shows are always a time to see the stars dressed in their finest. MTV held the Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Jennifer Lopez attended only this time the diva was wearing a dress even she couldn’t make look good.
Jennifer Lopez - A True Diva

Jennifer Lopez wore a short velvet dress that would have been beautiful on its own. The only problem was it was paired with sleeves that looked more like scarves than sleeves. Her dress was beige and the sleeves gold, a pretty color combination on her; too bad her designer didn’t have the same sense in sleeves. The sleeves started below her shoulders and bunched up around her wrists; they wrapped around her neck and seemed to be something just added on at the last second. Her shoes were a completely different matter – they were a 10 out of 10 on the horrible scale. The stiletto heels were made of lace, with the actual heels being a leopard print. Now who thought that was a good idea? Perhaps they would have looked okay with a different outfit, but with this dress, they just looked terrible. The only good things about her outfit were her earrings and her black clutch. Jennifer had her makeup done perfectly. She wore a peachy lip color that looked great on her and had her lashes accented with mascara. It brought out her eyes beautifully. Her hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. She had waves in her hair that looked like a waterfall going down her back. Her face and hair were so pretty; it’s a shame that outfit ruined the whole thing.

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Beyonce Fashion Style, Hair, Makeup

Beyonce's Fashion Style, Hair, Makeup

Beyonce attended the MTV Video Music Awards where she won. The event was held in New York City at Radio City Music Hall. Beyonce looked fabulous as she walked the red carpet and accepted her awards.
Beyonce's Fashion Style

Beyonce wore her makeup simply yet beautifully. Her skin looked perfect and she wore a pretty peach lipstick that looked great with her dark skin. She brought out her eyes with a pale blue eyeshadow that highlighted them and while it brought them out, didn’t make them stand out too much. Her hair was gorgeous. She wore it down past her shoulders and had waves all through it. Brushing it back from her face was a good choice since it accented her features and Beyonce has a beautiful face. She looked bright and confident, as she should.
Beyonce made quite a statement with her huge accessories. She wore big, sparkly, silver hoop earrings and a set of three large, sparkling bangles. She looked great with them, as only Beyonce could. Her dress was a mini in a bright fire engine red. It was a great color to go with her skin tone. It was a very flattering dress that complimented her curves in all the right ways. The dress had pockets in the skirt, hidden in a bit of ruffle, and a deep cut neckline that traveled almost to her navel but was done very tastefully. The neckline was trimmed in a ruffle and Beyonce is one of those women who actually looks good in ruffles. She was beautiful and she knew it; her confidence was a beautiful as the woman.

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Humidifier For Dry Skin

How You should take advantage of a humidifier to help you with dry skin?

One of the biggest problems relating to dry skin is the dry heat during the winter months. When air is heated using a furnace, it can reduce your home's natural humidity level down to as little as 10 percent or even less, whereas having a humidity level of 30 percent to 40 percent is much closer to ideal if you want to keep moisture in your skin.

Why Humidifier For Dry Skin?

For this reason, it is recommended by many skin care experts and dermatologists that you keep a humidifier in your home. You can use it during the dryer winter months, but there is something that you need to keep in mind: Many people simply think that putting in a humidifier in the house is all that needs to be done, but humidifiers operate like air conditioners do meaning that the whole house cannot be done by a single humidifier. Put a smaller unit near your bed, and one on or near your desk for good results.

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Home Remedies for Dry Skin

There are a wide variety of natural ways to improve your skin. Dry skin isn't doing you any favors, so make a point to improve your skin sooner rather than later.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin #1
Combine together a teaspoon worth of green clay powder and a teaspoon of raw honey, and then apply this mixture, once it has been well prepared, to your face or any other area where your skin is dry. If you are applying it to your face, make sure to avoid the area around your eyes. Leave this mixture on your skin for between 15 minutes and 20 minutes, and then use lukewarm water to wash it away. This is a really simple and useful home remedy for dealing with dry skin.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin #2
In severe cases of dealing with dry skin, you may want to apply either avocado oil or castor oil for the skin. When it comes to situations when your skin is really dry, home remedy skin care involving the application of natural oils is typically a good way to go.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin #3
Another useful dry skin treatment is actually regular exercise, believe it or not. Exercising regularly is going to improve your body's blood circulation. When blood flow is properly encouraged, then the proper nourishment will be provided to your skin in order to keep it healthy.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin #4
Another good dry skin remedy for you to consider is to apply aloe vera gel to your face and other areas where your skin is dry after bathing. After taking a warm bath, your pores will be open and much more receptive to the healing and moisturizing power of the Aloe Vera.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin #5
Another truly important remedy for dry skin is for you to avoid the consumption of alcohol as well as caffeine. Both of these things can cause dry skin, or even make it worse if you are not careful. If you consume either of these substances in excess and are dealing with dry skin, try cutting back on them and see what happens.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #6
Another excellent home remedy is for you simply to consider eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. This is because fruits and vegetables are often very rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin A, and both of these vitamins are especially helpful in keeping your skin feeling young, healthy and moisturized.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #7
You can try mashing up half of an avocado, mixing it together with a couple of drops worth of the juice from a fresh lime. Spread this well mixed paste over your recently cleansed skin. Allow it to remain on your skin for between 15 minutes and 20 minutes. You can wash your skin off alternately using cold water and warm water. This is an effective skin care home remedy for you to consider.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #8
Try mixing between 2 tablespoons and 5 tablespoons worth of raw peanuts with milk and mash them together until you have crafted a fine paste. Now add in a teaspoon worth of raw honey into this mix. Apply the paste to your face and other places where your skin is dry and allow it to completely dry. Wash it off using cold water after it has completely dried. This is another excellent way to perk up dry skin.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #9
When it comes to washing your face, if you want your face to be young feeling and moisturized, then you should be using mineral water rather than tap water because it puts more healthy minerals in your skin rather than taking minerals out.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #10
Having a milk bath once every month is another excellent home remedy for dealing with dry skin that is well worth your consideration. You can try this more often if it seems to be having a positive effect on you.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #11
Before you go in for a bath, try adding between 5 drops and 6 drops worth of lavender oil or oat extract to your bath water. When your skin soaks up the water and becomes soft, it will also soak up the extracts or oils in order to improve upon your dry skin.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #12
Another dry skin remedy is to prepare a salve mixture with a single egg yolk, a teaspoon worth of orange juice, a teaspoon worth of olive oil, a couple of drops worth of rose water and a couple of drops worth of lime juice. Once this mixture has been put together, mix it well and then apply it to your face first thing in the morning before you take a bath. Wear it on your face for approximately fifteen minutes. This is a simple but effective home remedy for treating dry skin.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #13
Another excellent home remedy is to mash up a really ripe banana, applying it to your face and your neck. You can leave it for a period of time, while you relax and read a magazine or something, and then use lukewarm water to wash it off. This is a really good cure for dry skin.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #14
Another effective method for dealing with dry skin is to massage the skin using pure grapeseed oil. Adding healthy oils to the body is a great way for you to remedy dry skin inexpensively and easily.

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin #15
You can take advantage of the healing benefits of oatmeal when it comes to treating dry or damaged skin. Oatmeal offers some truly skin soothing effects that were first discovered more than 4,000 years ago. Many people are just beginning to understand these benefits because when you put oatmeal in your bath it is capable of behaving as a soothing agent. You can pour approximately 2 cups woth of colloidal oatmeal such as Aveeno into a bathtub full of lukewarm water. Colloidal means that the oatmeal has been converted into a fine powder that will suspend in the water rather thank sinking into the bottom of the tub.

You can use oatmeal as if it were a soap substitute, for example. Tie a little bit of colloidal oatmeal into a washcloth or handkerchief, then dunk it in the water, squeeze the excess water out and then use it just like you would use a typical washcloth for a nice soothing effect.

All of these dry skin remedies can be extremely useful on your face and other areas of your body where your skin is dry as well. You can combine different treatment options to meet your needs until you find the remedies that will best suit you. If one specific dry skin remedy is not helping your skin become more moisturized, then you should move onto the next one until you find something that is definitely giving you the results that you are looking for.

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A Guide To Herbal Skin Care

A Guide To Herbal Skin Care 2009, 2010

If you are looking for a way to save money but also keep your skin looking beautiful at the same time then you need to look at the idea of herbal skin care. There are many things that you can use to make a wonderful moisturizer and other things from the ingredients that you may have just lying around in your kitchen and these things could help to save you a few pennies while allowing you to have glowing and fresh skin.
Tee tree oil is just one of the things that you can use in a herbal skin care regime and although you might not have this in your home, the oil and the products that contain it can be bought for fairly cheap. Essential oils can be used for this but you must check that the oils that you are using are suitable for skin use to prevent any mishaps. Tea tree oil has many properties including antiseptic and is also good for combating acne.
If you have a small herb garden or are thinking of starting one then you should start growing mint and basil. Both of these things taste wonderful in food but also have great skin care properties; both of them are very calming on the skin and have a slight zing which can refresh the skin especially when used in the morning. If you have trouble with pimples or spots, the juice of these plants can be added to the pimple undiluted and can help to reduce redness and you can combine the juice with a plain, un-perfumed moisturizer to be used both day and night.
Although mixing various herbs and plants is great for the skin, you must make sure that you are combining the right ones to prevent any problems with the skin.

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MAC Cosmetics New Collection Fall 2009

MAC Cosmetics New Collection Fall 2009, Black Style

This is the latest Fall 2009 MAC Style Black Collection, check it out.

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How To - Paramore, Ignorance Makeup

How To - Paramore, Ignorance Makeup

Products Used:
MAC's Smut Eyeshadow
Raven Black Liner - Bylaurenluke
Benefit Eye Bright Pencil
Black MAC Mascara Plushlash
Barry M Lipliner 5
Christian Dior Pro Cheeks Limelight

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Emerald Green Smokey Eyes 2009, 2010

Emerald Green Smokey Eyes 2009, 2010 - For All The Party Girls

We all know that there are many ways to get that smokey eyes look, here is one great example of a beautiful emerald green smokey eyes makeup, very suitable for all the party girls out there!

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Going Green

The Thornton household is going green. This can be extremely overwhelming, but we are going to take baby steps. There are already some green things we did in the household, some intentionally and some not. We use some eco-friendly cleaning products. I use EF hair products, but that was more for my hair than the environment, so its a two for one. So as we use up our products, we will be replacing them with EF ones. We will be changing the soap we use, the food we eat and where we get it, and many other things. So we will be going to farmers markets and trying to buy local and organic, etc. I somehow convinced Eddie to be on board with this, which is good. So I have been reading so much info and some things I just cannot do. But we will see. I will be updating my progress.

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Flawless Priscilla Presley - Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion

Flawless Priscilla Presley - Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion

At the recent Third annual Bow Wow WOW Howlywood fundraiser in Los Angeles, California, Priscilla Presley shone. The star was there to help raise money for Much Love Animal Rescue and she was absolutely stunning. She brought out her eyes with perfectly applied mascara and eyeliner. Her face was flawless, and she wore a light pink lipstick that enhanced her lips attractively without making them upstage her. Some light blush brought out her high cheekbones and made her look slightly exotic with her pale skin and dark red hair.
Flawless Priscilla Presley

Priscilla’s hair is simply beautiful. She has a cut that lets her shoulder-length hair fall naturally around her face and she parts it in the middle. Her hair stays out of her face and frames it beautifully. Wearing a lighter pink lipstick was a good choice with such dark red hair; it keeps her from looking silly and washed out. The natural look works well for Priscilla, especially since she keeps flyaway hair under control so she looks natural without looking hassled.
She kept it simple in a white, ruffled, button up shirt. Some stars would avoid ruffles but on Priscilla a ruffle looks great. The shirt was very flattering to her figure and the ruffle was not so large that it took over. It fell around her neck to her chest and accented her shoulders and neck in such a way that she avoided looking old-fashioned. She accented the shirt with a pretty necklace and though some would appear too pale in plain white, Priscilla pulled it off. She was one of the best-dressed stars there.

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Nadia Bjorlin Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion 2009, 2010

Nadia Bjorlin's Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion 2009, 2010 Edition

Nadia Bjorlin looked beautiful at the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theatre. Gold and silver seem to be popular with the stars right now, and Nadia was no exception. She made a stunning figure as she walked down the red carpet.
Nadia Bjorlin Looked Beautiful

Nadia was dressed in a floor length black gown. The skirt flared slightly around her legs and made it easy for her to walk while showing off all her curves beautifully. The gown had an oval opening in the middle of the chest, allowing just a little bit of cleavage to show. The gown tied behind her neck with lines of black and gold and was sleeveless. It was truly a tasteful, beautiful gown. The only odd thing was the swatch of black material that at times seemed to be attached to her skirt and at others seemed to be wrapped around the black and gold clutch purse she carried. Perhaps it was a scarf and she was carelessly letting it fall. She wore black open toe high heels, rings, and bracelets that went well with her gown. She completed her outfit with earrings that had a small gold chain ending in a gold charm.
Nadia made herself up beautifully. She added a bit of color to her cheeks and wore a pale pink lipstick that gave her just enough color without being overdone. She used a gold colored eyeshadow to bring attention to her eyes. Her hair was swept into an up-do and not a strand was out of place. The overall look was sexy exotic and Nadia knew it.

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Super Sexy Jennfier Lopez, Summer 2009

Super Sexy Jennfier Lopez, Summer 2009

Jennifer Lopez is a talented singer, dancer and actress known for her hairstyle versatility and charm. This beautiful celebrity has worn her long dark tresses in a variety of hairstyles, but decided to wear a hip and trendy soft wavy look while working on her new movie “The Backup Plan” in the Tribeca area of New York City on July 16, 2009.
Super Sexy Jennfier Lopez

Dressed in a gray tunic mini-dress and a geometric, multi-toned jacket to match, Jennifer Lopez looked every inch the working woman she portrays in the film. With her dramatic looks and no-nonsense makeup style, she captured the essence of the New York business scene. The total effect was classy and well-put together as she completed her attire with mid-calf, black suede spike heeled boots and handbag. Keeping her jewelry to a minimum, she accessorized her outfit with simple hoop earrings.
Jennifer Lopez is blessed with a full head of luscious locks and has shown that she is not afraid to experiment with different hairstyles to change her appearance. During this filming shoot, the focus was on looking professional. Her choice of full fringe bangs framed her face nicely and kept her looking well groomed throughout every scene on the busy New York streets. And her choice of natural toned makeup was perfect for her role as a career woman character, where looking professional is a must. The soft pastel makeup palette was ideal to accent her lips, eyes and cheeks providing a colorful lift to the neutral tones in her clothing.

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Jennifer Morrison In Classic Summer Colors 2009, 2010

Jennifer Morrison In Classic Summer Colors 2009, 2010

The ArcLight Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles was the location for the premiere of the Jennifer Morrison’s new film "The Ugly Truth." This noted actress showed that she has plenty of talent for choosing beautiful clothes as well as portraying characters of the big screen. Celebrities are trend setters and those with a flair for fashion have thousands of fans sitting on pins and needles wondering what they will wear to these star-studded events.
Classy Jennifer Morrison, Summer 2009

Jennifer Morrison got rave reviews for her choice of the classic summer color, sparkling white, for her pencil dress and wide tan buckle belt ensemble and . She looked absolutely ravishing in this sleeveless, round neckline linen dress. Arriving looking healthy and tanned, Jennifer Morrison wore her hair in a classic low ponytail, embodied the essence of what we love about summertime.
Known for being versatile with her hairstyles, the ponytail provided a refreshing perspective of this beautiful actress. Jennifer Morrison parted her hair in the middle of her forehead and pulled her hair back into a low position, which is one of the favorite ways women with long hair choose to wear for a casual style. She kept her makeup understated, using just enough blush on her cheekbones to pick up the rose color of her lipstick. Her eyes certainly have a beauty all their own and the lovely mauve eye shadow gave them definition behind her full fringe lashes. Jennifer Morrison’s appearance was a wonderful example of what star quality is all about.

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Mischa Barton - Lovely Fashion Style 2009, 2010

Mischa Barton's - Lovely Fashion Style 2009, 2010

Mischa Barton arrived on the scene as Charlotte Ronson and JCPenney celebrated the debut of the "I Heart Ronson" Line at Chelsea Piers in New York on August 20, 2009. The event was all about style with many of the “beautiful people” in attendance. As usual the lovely Mischa Barton had on her fashion best for this celebrity event with photographers everywhere capturing different angles of her stylish appearance.
Mischa Barton's Fashion Style

For this night on the red carpet Mischa Barton complemented the evening dressed in a black top and red floral print mini-skirt. She accessorized the look with a red woven necklace, open- toe, black mock boot heels with a hot pink back strap and purse. Her choice of red floral print offset the midnight black of her top and accessories, keeping her appearance upbeat and festive.
Mischa Barton wears her hair long and styled in the classic fashion with a slightly tousled look. She accented her warm, golden brown hair with subtle highlights that added dimension to her gently curled style, parted a little off center to create beautiful movement as it framed her face.
This short and sexy look had just enough sparkle to bring out her beautiful skin tone. Mischa Barton is blessed with a beautiful complexion and uses a minimum of makeup to accent her features. She kept her makeup natural using a soft pink blush to bring out her cheekbones and dramatic black mascara and eyeliner emphasized her gorgeous eyes. The total effect was perfect to make her look fabulous without overkill.

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Red Haired Reba McEntire - Casual Styling 2009, 2010

Reba McEntire’s Casual Styling 2009, 2010

Reba McEntire’s fiery red hair color gives her instant attention at every event whether she is at a glamorous meeting of celebrities or in front of an audience performing. Recently, this superstar entertainer appeared in concert on at the “Good Morning America Summer Concert Series” on - August 21, 2009 in New York’s famous Rockefeller Plaza. As you would expect, Reba McEntire was dressed beautifully for her fans; her style of singing has dazzled audiences around the world. On this occasion, for her live outdoor performance on a hot August Friday, the look was casual with just a touch of glitz for star power. Wearing a sheer, tie dyed indigo blue tank top decorated with sparkling crystals over a stark white sleeveless tee-shirt and a pair of designer jeans to match, the contrast between her red hair and the blue outfit was spectacular.
Reba McEntire’s Casual Styling

She completed her look with matching beaded necklaces and ankle length boots giving her a tall, lean appearance that is favored by country musicans. Reba McEntire’s long, shoulder length hair with its rich auburn color had highlights of gold that made the color dance in the sunlight. Her hair style was perfect for a stage performance; parted in the middle with full blown-out soft curls, flipped at the ends with a full fringe bang to her eyebrows. Reba McEntire’s fabulous facial features were accented by her relaxed hairstyle and simple natural tone makeup accented with pink lipstick and blue eye shadow which made her look simply amazing.

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Alexis Bledel - All Grown Up

Alexis Bledel - All Grown Up With Her Latest Fashion Style 2009, 2010

Alexis Bledel has come a long way since her Gilmore days. She still has her signature dark hair but she is now more daring and chooses looks that are very flattering. Alexis likes to wear her hair dark brown and sometimes it even looks black. Alexis likes her hair relatively long but she has also showcased a shoulder length bob type hairstyle. Alexis is very casual most of the time. She likes her hair naturally wavy and many times she simply lets it fall where it may. She also likes to explore the pony tail look and she may wear it slicked straight to the back or even a little down in the front.
Alexis Bledel, All Grown Up!

When Alexis Bledel is attending a special event she wears her hair in loose waves that frame her face on both sides. Her dark colored hair and her electric blue eyes command attention wherever she goes. She does not have to try hard to look good because she has a flawless complexion and she always looks bright faced and fresh whether she is working a movie event or running to her neighborhood coffee shop. Alexis wears light makeup but makes sure to showcase her crystal clear blue eyes which are one of her most notable characteristics. Alexis has definitely grown up to be a beautiful woman and though many people may always affiliate her with the Gilmore Girls television show it is obvious that she has gone form that fresh faced girl into a beautiful young lady.

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Different Hair Styles, Makeup, Fashion of Anne Heche

Different Hair Styles, Makeup, Fashion of Anne Heche

Anne Heche is known for her acting careers but she is also known for not being afraid to display different styles. Over the years, Anne has worn quite a few signature styles. One of her most daring styles was a very short blonde boy cut style. Her hair was cut extremely short on all sides. This was a great haircut for Heche because it really allows her to show off her blue eyes. With her beautiful pale complexion, the short haircut really let her natural beauty shine through. After the short haircut, she made a series of transitions with her hairstyles but none was quite as short as her signature boy cut. She mostly wore her hair long and straight but always generally kept her signature blonde color. Depending on the event, she might add curls, a few waves or even a simple up do but for the most part, she can be seen strutting down the red carpet with long blonde locks.
Anne Heche

However recently, Anne Heche has changed her look again and was recently captured with a trendy short bob, which caught immediate attention. Bobs are really in style right now and Anne Heche is definitely one of the few people that can pull off this hairstyle. She wears it wavy or straight depending on her mood. She also displays very light makeup primarily her lips and eyes. She has a very light complexion so she only needs a little makeup to give herself a little additional flair. Regardless of her hair or her makeup choice Anne Heche always looks flawless.

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Disney Star Vanessa Hudgens Styling 2009, 2010

Disney Star Vanessa Hudgens' Fashion, Makeup, Hair, Styling 2009, 2010

Beautiful teen star Vanessa Hudgens stole the hearts of America with her appearances in the popular Disney High School Musical movies. America has watched her grown from a teenager into a beautiful young lady. Vanessa is a young star so her hair and makeup choices definitely influence her young audience. Vanessa wears her hair long and generally showcased a dark brown or sometimes even black hair color with subtle highlights throughout. Vanessa does a lot of different things with her hair. One of her favorite styles is to wear it long and wavy with a part down the middle. This is probably one of her most popular styles. Sometimes she may opt to wear it super straight with her signature part down the middle.
Disney Star Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa looks great in a simple curly pony tail or sometimes she evens wears two long braids down her back and she makes a simple style look elegant and sophisticated. Vanessa also may occasionally pull her hair up in a simply bun and she likes to leave a few strands that fall casually over her eye. She knows how to work a variety of hairstyles and her versatility allows her to showcase a variety of different looks. When it comes to makeup Vanessa likes to draw attention to the eyes. It is not uncommon to see her beautiful eyes adorned with various colors of eye shadow. When she lines her eyes and eye lashes her beautiful brown eyes really shine through. Vanessa sometimes goes without lipstick or simply wears like pinks or pale browns for a little extra color.

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