Why don't black people know how to have fun?

Ok...I guess I should say some, not all.

So last night, the hubs and I (that was for Heather in case she reads this) went to our favorite local restaurant, Stonefish Grill, for what they call Karaoke night. So we are there, eating some food, and having some drinks waiting for some fun and entertainment. So once it gets started who gets up to perform....only people trying to get their record deal. That's right. I thought karaoke was supposed to be people who can't really sing gettin up there and doin the damn thang on their favorite song. (That was my plan anyway.) I was gonna get up there and sing me some MJ "Man in the Mirror" and rock it out. But I was not going to be the only person making a fool of myself. If I was going up there it was going to be expected that I could sing, which to make clear I definitely cannot.

So what did the night end up being? The same 4 or 5 people singing ballads hoping that there was some music exec in the audience. Really? Really? I was so pissed, but Eddie said something that really stuck with me. He said that black people only like to have fun at the expense of others not themselves. I mean I guess he is the same way. He would never get up there and do karaoke, but he would definitely sit back and laugh at someone else.

So I ask, why don't black people know how to have fun? All my life I was accused of being white and only hanging out with white people and blah blah blah, ignorance ignorance ignorance. But that is not it at all. And all of my friends are not white. I just like to have fun. I like to live life to the fullest and laugh, whether it be at myself or others. So I just hang out with people that have the same outlook as I do. So if I would have gone out last night and my friends would have been in the crowd, we would have gotten up there and made a fool of ourselves and had the best time ever. But I was not going to be the only one up there not looking for a record deal. So that will probably be the last time I go to the Stonefish Grill talent show with these bougie black people that don't know how to have fun.

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Ciara Latest Style and Makeup

Ciara's Latest Style and Makeup - Summer Fall 2009

The singer Ciara is a fashion chameleon. She has drastically changed her signature style over the years. When she first jumped on the scene she showcased long honey blond hair with the distinctive makeup to match. This look worked for her and she generally wore her hair long and wavy. She stayed close to earth tone makeup such as various shades of brown.
Ciara's Latest Style and Makeup

She next moved to black hair and she still continued to wear it long but she mixed it up occasionally. She would wear it straight or sometimes with a lot of curls. She continued to experiment with hair color and even occasionally sported braids.
Her makeup choices evolved and she begin to take more risks with colors. Ciara likes to follow her own fashion styles and she is not afraid to step out on her own. She does not like to be like everyone else and she prefers to make a statement wherever she goes. For the most part Ciara does not wear heavy makeup when she is out and about. She likes to experiment with her lip color and she is not afraid to wear brighter pinks and reds.
Ciara recently has been spotted with an extremely short and choppy haircut that took the media by storm because she has always worn her hair long. Just like all of her other fashion choices she managed to pull it off and look great. She is sticking with her dark hair color her hair is longer in the front so she generally wears it swept over her face. Short hairstyles are really popular right now and she chose to try the trend.

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Can't stop addicted to the shin dig

I've talked about Dsquared²'s fall 09 collection before; and when I went back to look through it again I found even more that I loved. I love how this look is so easily attainable, just layer up a bunch of stuff from your closet and you've got it. I'm really into the mixing of knits, jean, prints, plaids, leather etc thats going on this season. I'll have to follow Coco Chanel's advice and take off one piece before I walk out the door though- this look could get messy fast!

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Why ask why???

Is there a benefit of asking questions when you will never get an answer? I have been asking myself why did this happen to us. We haven't even been married for 2 months. Why such a big trial in our marriage so early? Then I ask myself, why was he so lucky? I mean trust me I am so grateful. I thank God everyday that he was lucky, that angels were with him, but why was he lucky or blessed when others aren't? He is the first person on this department to be shot and live. When I type that it is really like...WOW! No one has survived before on this department. Seeing the photos of his truck I think of how the end result could have been so different. I try not to think about that, but it is hard. Especially when you have to hear the story over and over and when I change his bandages and see that an inch this way or that way and who knows. Why can't I just be ecstatic that he will make a full recovery and be fine? Why do I have to ask why???

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So yesterday we got to go see the hubs vehicle. I thought it was a miracle that he was not more seriously hurt before, but after seeing his car I know that angels were truly watching over him. It was very disturbing to see. I am so glad he is going to be ok and a full recovery is expected. Tomorrow we go for his first follow up appointment to see how everything is going.

Eddie says that after going through this experience he knows that we can get through anything. And I know he is right. You know when you are getting married and saying your wedding vows sometimes it feels like it is just words. You may not have really thought about what it really means. Or you may think we have years before we will be faced with x/y/z. But here we are, married a little over 1 month and we have already been through "in sickness and in health". Definitely not how or when I thought it would be, but here we are. And you know what, I know I can deal with it. Where I thought I was weak or would become a basketcase, I realize that I am strong. I am just glad to have my baby home and ok. Now let's see how I feel when I have to go back to work. I will feel like a mom having to go back after having a baby...ok, maybe not that bad, but my version of it.

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"I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic."

Ajust your eyes... and prepare for Blumarine's fall 09 collection. I don't know much about Blumarine, except for the fact that they use much much leopard print (me likey!). Ok, there is such a thing as leopard overload, even I know that. But I cave in every time, anyways. Luckily there are a few solids in there. Somewhere...

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Happy Birthday Hubs!

Today is the Hubs' birthday! We are supposed to be at the John Legend concert celebrating, but we are not. Today we are just celebrating the fact that he is alive. Yesterday I got a phone call that no wife ever wants to get. As I think about that phone call it gives me chills. I can hear the Hubs' voice in a state of panic and feeling helpless that I was not there. What caused this state of panic? The Hubs calling to tell me that he was in an ambulance and had been shot. Now as the wife of a police officer you know that there is always a possibility that you will get this call, but you never really think that it is going to happen. I definitely was not thinking that it was going to happen since he was not at work. I remember praying the entire way to the hospital that he would be ok. I was just praying "Dear God, whatever you do, please just let him live." I could think of nothing else. I could not even remember how to get to a hospital that I passed everyday for 4 years while in high school. All I could do was pray.

Well, God answered my prayers. And the Hubs is here to celebrate his 31st birthday. And even though most of the day was spent in the hospital and now he is sleeping, finally, it is the best birthday ever because he is alive. He is able to move all his fingers and all his toes and he is going to be ok. What better gift could a person possibly get. Hundreds of prayers were answered. I haven't even gotten a chance to give him his gift and he did not open his cards, but you know, none of it is important. I now know what is. The fact that I can look into his eyes and he can look into mine is all that I need.

So while this is not how either of us planned on spending his birthday, we are both just happy that we still have this day to spend together. God has a way of showing you what is really important...LIFE!!!

So to the most wonderful husband in the world. I love you more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday Baby! From~ Your Sunshine

PS Thank you to everyone for you thoughts, prayers, and phone calls. They mean so much to the both of us.

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What's for dinner???

I am trying to be a better cook...and cook more frequently. It is very hard to cook for the hubs. If he would tell me what he wanted to eat for dinner every night, I would find a recipe and cook it. But noooo....he wants me to come up with something different for him to eat. This is something I have never been good at. I will just eat a bowl of cereal.

So to in my attempts to change this, I watch a lot of the Food Network. No I am not trying to be a world class chef, but they have recipes for all skill levels. So tonight, I made Grilled Eggplant and Goat Cheese Salad. You can find the recipe here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/grilled-eggplant-and-goat-cheese-salad-recipe/index.html

So we will see how the hubs like it. If he does, it is very easy to make and I would definitely do it again. If not, I tasted it and like it so I will make it for myself. Will keep you posted.

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Happy Birthday Tony!

Today is my baby brother's birthday. Anyone who knows me knows that my brother is like my favoritest person in the world. Yes, I know I am married and I love the hubs dearly, but the bond I have with my brother is very special. In the 23 years of his life, he have never had a real fight. Don't get me wrong through the years he has gotten on my nerves and I know I have gotten on his, but no fights. Even in our adult age we still act like little kids when we are around each other. We do all the things we did when we were kids; we wrestle, and tease, and act as stupid as we possibly can.

This makes we think about relationships between all siblings. I know people that cannot stand their siblings. This always makes me sad. I could not imagine not being crazy about my brother. I can't think of anything that would make me not talk to him. And everyday I thank God that we have the relationship we have. I remember when we were young and my mom would tell people about how we get along, they would always say that we were weird. But why are we the ones that are weird. Why isn't it normal to have a wonderful relationship with your siblings. I know my mom gets along with hers. She talks to one of her sisters everyday, probably more than once. Don't people want to have this kind of relationship with their family?

So anyway, to my brother Tony, Happy 23rd Birthday! Have a Wonderful Day! Be Safe. From your favoritest person in the world. Your Big Sis.

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This fall I want to be wearing...

Top Shop studded heels

Primark zip bodysuit

Top Shop zip ruffle tank

Acne needle black high waisted jeans

American Apparel oxford shirt dress

Top Shop skull scarf

Top Shop boyfriend blazer

American Apparel oversized see thru t shirt

rosary beads

Dorothy Perkins charm bracelet
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Give me more more more Fall 09

I'm on a farm in Northern Ireland right now- green fields as far as the eye can see, chickens, cows, sheep, tea and homemade quiche... yet my thoughts turn to fall fashion! (Follow my trip here).

Marc Jacobs


Dior Couture

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My Favorite Things Edition 1

Soooo.... I am no Oprah or anything, but to let you get to know me a little I thought I would let you all in blog world know some of my favorite things of 2009. Here is my list.


1. Summer Accessory - Cole Haan Genevieve Small Triangle bag

This was a gift from the Hubs. He gave it to me in the winter and i had been waiting to pull it out. Now I carry it everywhere and in my eyes it goes with everything. I took it everywhere on our wedding and honeymoon. I love it and I love him for buying it.

2. Electronic - Amazon Kindle 2

This was my wedding gift from my parents. I love to read. That is a lie, I am obsessed with it. I think I have already read over 10 books this Summer alone and it is only July. I mean this gadget isn't perfect; there are some things I can think of to improve it. But to have a portable and you can really read anywhere. I know it is the nerd in me that loves this, but to be able to travel and throw this device in my fav summer accessory and keep going.

3. Favorite Books - Temperance Brennan Series

From my fav above, I love reading. Beyond that I love reading a series. My Summer series of 2009 has been the Temperance Brennan novels by Kathy Reichs. She does the character Bones on Fox, but even though the character has the same name it is not the same. Anywho, because of my love of forensics, I am obsessed with these books. I probably read one every 3 days. I am almost done the series and hope there are more to follow.

4. Favorite Hair product - Shea butter

I have natural hair (no relaxer). Some of you may not understand that, but in the black community it is a big thing. For some it defines you. It is not always accepted in the corporate world and you always get looks and stares from people who either love that you are natural or hate it. I try not to get into all of that. But, I have been natural since 2003. It is kinda sad, but I have just started to really pay attention to my hair and try to make it as healthy as possible. So in my search for healthy hair I have found Pure, Unrefined Shea Butter. It is the best. I make so many concoctions with it and my hair loves it. I use it every day in something.

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So today Michael Jackson was laid to rest. Despite people views of him no one can take away the impact he had on millions of people across the world. No matter how you feel you have to admit that was one of the best memorials for a person. Everyone will remember where they were and what they were doing the day MJ died. His music will live on forever. So to the man...the legend...RIP...finally.

August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009
Gone too Soon.