Is Laughter The Best Medicine for Your Beauty?

Laughter is the best medicine, because, when we laugh, we draw air in and out of our lungs more than during normal breathing. Therefore, laughter pushes more oxygen into the blood stream increasing the circulation and our heart rate. When we laugh, we become mentally sharper and our nerves and muscles also relax giving us a feeling of well-being. Humor is a vital way of dealing with our daily problems and it also helps us to maintain a good health, and we have fewer emotional problems. Laughter is also very much vital for our mental health; a good mental health helps you combat disease and also helps in stopping deterioration in your condition if you are sick. It is said, "Mirth is the principal engine for battering the walls of melancholy and it is a sufficient cure in itself".

It was discovered in World War II that people with a good sense of humor survived the concentration camps than people who never laughed.

Scientists in USA have found that laughter is a prime stress reliever. It can cure headaches, fights infection and also helps to reduce blood pressure.

Adrenalin and endorphins are natural hormones of the body, which gives us a feeling of happiness and these rise with laughter. Our muscles in the abdomen and chest get a good exercise since laughter causes us to take deep breaths; we also inhale a large quantity of oxygen which revitalizes the body. So, laughter not only helps by releasing stored up tensions which make us feel stressed, but also helps us to live longer.

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COMING For Fall Big Buddha Metallics

Very Excited coming soon the Kirstens , The Danielle, The miranda and the Taylor will be made in a metallic Gold and Silver

to die from here is a sneak Peek

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Big Buddha Carson Bag featured in Self Magazine

Big Buddha Carson Bag Featured in July Self Magazine we only have a few left

Soft, lightweight, Patten Leather-Like Fabric ,Top Magnetic Closure, Brass Hardware
Roomy Beige Lined Interior w/ zippered center interior compartment, One Front & Back Exterior Zippered PocketTop Drawstring Style,Detachable Shoulder Strap, Interior zipper pocket on one side, slide & cell phone pocket on other side

we love this bag check it out !

Retails for $80.00

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Natural Growth of Nose Hair

Let us come to nose now. Natural growth of hair in the nose is a protector from the diseases of throat, tonsils and lungs. Children who suffer from enlarged tonsils should be trained by the mothers to see that they sleep with their mouths closed. Children sleeping with their mouth open during day or night should be got examined at the earliest and cure of rhinitis or polyps etc., if existing. As a matter of fact, such situations should be taken note of, right from the infancy. We gave no reason to say that hair growth in the nose have no part to play to remove dust particles entering the lungs. If the nasal hair is for the protection of lungs, why not to consider that hair on face also do protection of face and its underneath construction like gums and teeth?

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Holly Hunter Latest Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion Style

Holly Hunter Latest Hairstyle, Makeup, Fashion Style

For the evening of ceremony festivities for the “Women in Film 2009 Crystal and Lucy Awards” there were hundreds of celebrities in attendance. Holly Hunter stepped onto the red carpet looking sleek and fabulous wearing a floor length, indigo blue halter dress with a fitted bandeau waistline. The arrival of this Academy Award winning actress in this glamorous outfit caused quite a few heads to turn due to her new longer hairstyle.
Holly Hunter Latest Fashion Style

This flaxen haired beauty has finely chiseled facial features which give her a distinctive appearance. For this occasion Holly Hunter wore her hair with soft full waves which fell in a shower around her shoulders. With highlights of vanilla and rose tones giving depth to her color, the style was high in the crown and full around the face providing a lovely frame for her face. She complemented her hair color and complexion nicely by wearing a pair of rich gold hoop earrings that created a glow around her. Holly Hunter has intense dark eyes and a mischievous smile that brightens her entire face. The exciting red shade of lip color was a nice contrast to the dusty blue of her dress that flowed gracefully around her body to the floor. Because she has a naturally beautiful complexion, all she needed to add impact to her exciting look was mascara and eyeliner to enhance her eyes and a bit of blush to bring out her cheekbones for a lovely overall appearance.

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Resort 2010

Rag and Bone is quickly becoming my favourite thing.

Also, just LOVE these images from the Chanel 2010 Resort Collection!

I miss reading all of your fashion blogs so much! It has been pretty strange being segregated from a computer regularly for so long. But, Europe aint so bad... :D

For those who are interested, I just added pictures from Paris to my travel blog!
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