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i wish...

i wish i was not an adult sometimes. that i did not have to worry about getting the bills paid, saving for the future, etc.

i wish i did not have to think about what was for dinner.

i wish i had enough money to not have to think about it. not rich (though that would be nice) but enough to do what i want.

i wish i had a job that i loved. something that i would want to do no matter what the pay was.

i wish i had the energy i did when i was in college.

i wish i could lose 20 pounds without doing anything.

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Lisa Edelstein Classy Hair, Fashion Makeup

Lisa Edelstein's Elegant Hair, Fashion Makeup Style

Lisa Edelstein is a beautiful actress, who is most notably known for her reoccurring role on the popular television show “House.” She has a classic and elegant style that she has made her own. Most of her fans are used to seeing her as a brunette. She generally wears her hair long and she likes to do different things with it. From time to time Lisa can be spotted wearing her long hair in curls. This is a great look for her because they fall down alongside her face and on her back in beautiful cascades. Edelstein always makes sure that they are not too tight. The loose curls that she wears are very natural looking.
Lisa Edelstein's Latest Hair, Fashion Makeup Style Summer 2009

She also is not afraid to sport a sleek do. Sometimes she wears her mane long and straight. She may have a part every now and then or sometimes she chooses to debut short bangs. For fancy or special occasions, Lisa Edelstein also likes to wear fancy updos. She will wear cute little buns or even have some of her hair pinned up and leave a little down to create a different and dramatic look. Recently Lisa Edelstein has been sporting a much shorter hairstyle and she continues to experiment. She has worn it curly and short as well as long and sleek. Lisa Edelstein does not typically wear a lot of makeup and she pulls it off well. She always makes sure to wear subtle or neutral colors on her cheeks and lips that look great with her dark hair.

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Cassia Treatment

I have heard so many natural hair folks talking about henna and cassia treatments for their hair. So finally, I decided to do a cassia treatment. Cassia makes your hair stronger, healthier, shinier, and it is the best conditioner on earth. (If you want to learn more about henna or cassia go to, it is not just for black people haha).

So my cassia recipe consisted of 150g of cassia, honey, castor oil, jojoba oil, and enough filtered water to give it a yogurt consistency.

I know the color looks funky, but it is worth it. And it is completely natural, no chemicals. Which is important to me.

Then i smooshed it all in my hair and covered it with a plastic cap. I left it in my hair for about an hour and a half.

I used about half a bottle of cheap conditioner to wash it out. Washed, conditioned, and detangled my hair as usual.

So the hair has never felt so soft. Also, my usual no shine hair actually has some. I love this stuff. I will definitely be using it again. And I will unleash the inner mixtress in me and come up with different recipes. My goal is to increase the shine in my hair. If I can accomplish that I will be ecstatic.

Unfortunately, because of my crazy work schedule last week I did nothing to my hair so I have no pics just yet of the wonderful results. But when I get some I will update.

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Makeup, Styles and Hairstyles of Milla Jovovich

Makeup, Styles and Hairstyles of Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich has worn a number of different looks over the years but she has always managed to make the constant changing look easy. Milla stepped onto the scene with an extremely short dark brown crop that she enjoyed experimenting with. She often wore it wavy with a few curls throughout but it was extremely short in the back and on the sides so she often did different things with the front of her hair and it looked good.
Latest Style of Milla Jovovich

She later showcased a longer bob cropped hairstyle that gave her a few more options. She had cut bangs so she would often design the rest of her hair around the bangs. She would wear tight curls as well as loose curls. Her tight curls gave her an old Hollywood look that really helped her stand out. Milla Jovovich likes to have fun with her hairstyles so she would often add a flower or even a headband to complete the look. Milla also wore her short crop straight and sleek. Since the short hairstyles, Milla’s last few hairstyles have featured her with long hair. She wore her hair shoulder length with blunt cut bangs. She liked her hairstyle to be sleek and straight while she had this hairdo. Milla’s locks are now very long and she still continues to experiment with super straight as well as curvy hairstyles and her signatures headbands are still a favorite accessory. Milla loves all types of makeup shades and her lip always stand out. She can go from bright red to subtle pink lips and never miss a bit.

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Melie Bianco Top Handle Tote With Front Flap Lock-Featured in September People StyleWatch Page 149

NEW! Melie Bianco Tote with front flap lock
Featured in September 2009 Peoples Stylewatch
“Must Haves – Feel Good Fashion”. Page 149

Top handle bag with flap over closure is practical as well as it is fashionable. Distressed faux leather combined with croco trim brings an air of sophistication to a modern and chic bag. Front zippers allows you to store items away in a flash of a second. Cool fold over lock secures all your items away. Additional strap included for a messenger or shoulder bag look.

15 W x 5D x 13H

Thank you for shopping

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Miley Cyrus Hairstyles, Makeup, Fashion

Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana Hairstyles, Makeup, Fashion

Miley Cyrus who is perhaps better known as Hannah Montana has become famous for her alter ego hairstyle. ON her popular show, “Hannah Montana” the brown haired version of her is named Miley but when she puts on her big blonde wigs, she becomes the singing sensation Hanna Montana. She can also be spotted at numerous appearances and concerts with her signature long blonde wing with blunt cut bangs. Though many children delight to see the blonde haired version of Miley, she actually pulls some great hairstyles off with her natural hair. Mile’s brown hair is very long and she tends to wear it wavy and keeps a kind of layered cut. She also generally has layered bangs around her face that help to frame her long and slender face.
Miley Cyrus Latest Hairstyle and Makeup Fashion - August 2009

Miley likes to experiment with color. When she wants to shock her fans, she may color her hair darker or even lighter to get the look she wants. Miley has worn it all. She has had blunt cut bangs, long bangs, layered bangs and everything in between. On occasion Miley will debut her sleek and straight look in order to display yet another different look.
Adorable Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus wears more makeup around her eyes than anything does. She can often be spotted with eyeliner and mascara on her eyes.
Miley Cyrus

A little blush on her cheeks to give her a little color to her complexion is all that she needs because since she is so young she never wants to appear overdone when it comes to makeup.

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Megan Fox Hairstyles, Makeup, Styling

Megan Fox Hairstyles, Makeup and Styling

Many people have compared Megan Fox to Angelina Jolie and even called her the next Angelina but Megan is definitely a woman with her own identity. Megan has done some acting before but she gained critical acclaim in the popular “Transformers” movie series and she hasn’t looked back since. She wears her hair dark and long and against her pale complexion she looks undeniably beautiful. Megan Fox is one of those women that know how to properly showcase her best features. Most of the time she wears her long hair wavy with a part down the middle. This is a great look for her because as her dark hair surrounds her face it just brings more attention to how attractive she is.
Megan Fox Latest Hairstyle, Makeup and Styling - Summer 2009

Megan does not have to wear makeup to draw attention but whenever she attends an event she generally does take the time to showcase several notable features. Megan Fox is known for her sexy pout and she always makes sure to put plenty of focus on it.
Megan Fox

Megan looks good in nude colors but when she really wants to let it loose she chooses bright red or pink as her signature color. She looks great with bright red pouty lips and they definitely draw attention.
Stunning Megan Fox

Her lashes are always long and flawless and she makes sure to use makeup to draw attention to her exotic eyes. Megan is not afraid to use her attractiveness and natural beauty to her advantage. On her off days when she showcases a messy pony tail and very little makeup her true beauty is still evident.

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Bonkers for Balmain

There are no words... except for that I want everything.

That gown- absolutley LOVE! Wish I had somewhere that fancy to go. And the shoes! The SHOES!! *faints*

In other news- after about 3 months, 2 weeks travelling Europe I am heading back home this weekend to Vancouver! Can't wait to get back home, and I hope that the sun stays out for a bit in the beginning of September so I can head to the beach!
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Jennifer Morrison Hairstyle, Makeup Styling

Jennifer Morrison Hairstyle, Makeup Styling - Summer 2009 Edition

Jennifer Morrison has been in the acting arena for awhile. She started out as a child and continued to blossom and she was offered more and more roles. Jennifer is already a very attractive young lady but she appears even more beautiful and elegant because of her simple style and elegance. She looks very much like the normal beautiful girl next door but yet she has so much more to offer. As a talented actress Jennifer does switch up her style for various movie roles as well as to keep her style and appearance innovative. Jennifer Morrison has been known to have light brown hair with a touch of blonde and even dark brown hair. She is not afraid to go from one extreme to the next. She pulls off both colors easily and continues to grab attention wherever she goes.
Gorgeous Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison is known to wear her hair about shoulder length or either a little past her shoulders. On a typical day she can generally be spotted wearing her hair very sleek and straight but she knows how to give herself different looks. She also likes updo’s and buns so sometimes she may showcase a simple pinup or even a classic bun. Jennifer likes her eyes to be dramatic so when going to a special event she generally pays very close attention to her eyes when it comes to her makeup choices. She does prefer a little color on her cheeks and her shades of lipsticks can range. Sometimes she may wear a light pink color or other times she may go with darker reds or pinks.
Photos/PR Photos

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New! Big Buddha Faux Python Union Bucket Bag

Big Buddha has brought back the New union Bucket bag in Faux Python for Fall
Picture is in Gold with Gunmetal Hardware and new light Pink lining

This bag sold out at the August show , And will be one of the most sought after bags
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New! Big Buddha Faux Python Union Bucket Bag
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New! Big Buddha Faux Python Union Bucket Bag
This hot new style and remake of the union bucket bag is Exotic Faux croc patent
for the sexiest look this season! Large yet lightweight the perfect companion for your everyday excursions Double handles designed to make your essentials easily accessible
New Inside pink lining!

Colors FOR PRE ORDER 9/30/09:
14" x 14" x 9"

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Heroes Hayden Panettiere Hair and Fashion Makeup

Heroes Hayden Panettiere's Hairstyles and Fashion Makeup

Young actress Hayden Panettiere drew attention earlier in the year when she showcased a blunt cut blonde bob. She is a beautiful girl and the bob hairstyle is very popular right now so it looked great on her. She generally wore the bob style but she occasionally wore it curly and pinned it up or different other little things with it to change up her style. This hairstyle was so drastic because for many years Hayden wore relatively long blonde hair. She has worn it different ways such as straight, wavy and curly but her hair has traditionally always been long. When Hayden’s hair was long she generally wore it down but for special events sometimes she would pin it up or even straighten it out and wear it totally straight.
Hayden Panettiere With Her Latest Special Occasion Fashion Style - August 2009

Hayden Panettiere is a young lady who has been in the business for a while and she knows what styles look best on her. She has never worn a lot of makeup and even as she gets older she still does not focus on being overdone. This is a great look for her because with her crystal clear skin wearing too much makeup would take away from her natural attributes. As far as makeup goes Hayden keeps it soft and simple.
Hayden Panettiere's Famous Bob Hairstyle

At most events she wears soft colors that tend to blend in with her skin and almost make it seem like she doesn’t have anything on.
Hayden Panettiere

She pays special attention to her eyes and highlights them so that they sparkle. She adds a little to her cheeks to help bring attention to her captivating dimples.

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Makeup, Haircut Styles of Selena Gomez

Makeup, Haircut Styles of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez may have gotten her start on the Disney channel but she has shown the world that she is capable of much more. Selena has debuted a number of different hairstyles to go along with her great beauty. Selena has very long dark hair and she generally wears it wavy or in soft curls. This is a great look for her. She also likes to wear long bangs in her face or simple layers that frame her face. Selena is a young woman so she likes to do different things with her hair. She has been spotted with the back of her hair pinned up while she lets the sides fall down in natural cascades.
Lovely Selena Gomez With Her Latest "Red Carpet" Hairstyle

She also likes her ponytails and she may occasionally have a ponytail with some down in the back or she may elect to wear a simple pinup or pinup with the top of her hair and her hair down in the back. Lately Selena Gomez has opted to step out of her comfort zone and rock some new looks. Selena rocked a shoulder length blunt cut with bangs to match. This was a great look for Selena because she still had a nice length to her hair but the bangs helped to really bring attention to her pretty face. Selena wears very little makeup. The going trend is to highlight the eyes and Selena does like to accentuate that part of her body. Her lipstick colors are always very light pinks or nude colors that almost seem to blend in with her natural lip color.

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AnnaLynne McCord Latest Hairstyle, Fashion, Makeup Styling

AnnaLynne McCord's With Her Latest Hairstyle, Fashion and Makeup Styling

Looking very much like a super heroine, AnnaLynne McCord introduced the Acne Action Plan on August 13th at Columbus Circle in New York City. Dressed in a brilliant yellow mesh tee-shirt, form-fitting white jeans and black heels, the look was young, hip and active matching the mood of audience the product is aimed to please. In keeping with the theme of the event, her appearance brought full attention to her beautifully clear skin complexion.
This look worked wonderfully to accent the California blond hair color with its subtle highlights of vanilla and toffee. She had her hair style in a casual, shoulder length layered cut with a part at the center, and the waves formed a graceful frame for her facial features cascading down to her collarbone.
AnnaLynne McCord's Latest Fashion Style

AnnaLynne McCord used a makeup palette that enhanced her golden glow and beautiful blue eyes. Keeping it simple and uncomplicated was the key to this fabulously polished look that was perfect for an event focused on youth and fun. Her eyes drew a lot of attention with full fringe lashes and the strawberry pink lipstick brightened her beautiful smile.
This event was public oriented with a lot of movement and interaction with the people in attendance. AnnaLynne McCord’s outfit was a great choice for this type of relaxed setting that struck a balance between looking glamorous without creating distance. The look was a warm and friendly “girl next door” and worked to put the audience at ease but still supported her celebrity status.

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Laura Croft Fashion, Makeup, Haircut Style

Laura Croft Fashion, Makeup and Haircut Style 2009, 2010

Model Laura Croft has jumped on the scene and has become known for her great looks and style choices. Laura’s hairstyle has remained similar but she has made some big changes with the color. She typically wears her hair in a shoulder length blunt cut. This is a great look for her because it allows her to transform her hair into various styles with very little effort. She can wear her hair sleek and straight as she usually does or if she wants something a little different she can add a few loose curls or waves and display a totally different look. Laura’s job as a model is very dependent on her appearance so she always makes sure to display new looks and keep her looking innovative and trendy. Laura’s hair was brown with blonde highlights for awhile but she is now sporting a dark black hair color.
Chic & Sexy Laura Croft

At first glance she almost looks like a different person even though the hair cut has not changed very much. The dark hair color was shocking but it gave her a totally new and edgy look. Laura has her same blunt cut shoulder length hair cut but she has also been showcasing blunt cut bangs to match. Laura’s makeup choices are very subtle and she proves that less is more. Even though her hair color has changed she still wears the same basic light or nude tones when it comes to her makeup. She makes sure to accentuate her eyes but she often wears pale pink lipstick.

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Ashton Kutcher Hair, Fashion Style

Ashton Kutcher's Hair and Fashion Style 2009

Ashton Kutcher has been a heart throb for several years. His boyish good looks and boy next door personality continue to spur his personality. Ashton’s hair has not changed too much over the years but he has switched back and forth between longer hair in the front and on the sides and shorter hair. Occasionally Ashton grows his hair out and he ends up with a form of side swept bangs. There is no doubt however that whether his hair is short or long he always looks great. At times Ashton has cut his hair down low and worn it tapered on the sides and back and a little longer in the front. Ashton Kutcher likes fun so he probably never stressed about his hair he just goes with the flow. Ashton definitely can be thought of as the typical boy next door because his fashion style can be described as trendy and casual.
Funny Man Ashton Kutcher

At a red carpet event alongside his equally beautiful wide Demi Moore, Ashton knows how to dress for the occasion. He can be spotted wearing a great looking suit or dress outfit and sometimes he even has a hat which adds a little mystery to his outfit. On typical days Ashton likes to wear jeans and t-shirts. Ashton is never overly concerned with designers or even the hottest fashion trend he just likes to be comfortable and have fun. When it comes to Ashton thought he may have a personality and style like the boy next door, the boy next door never looked quite so good and made it look easy.

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Brittney Spears Hairstyle, Makeup Evolution

Brittney Spears Hairstyle, Makeup Evolution

The world cannot get enough of Brittney Spears. Regardless of what she may do on her personal life, her fans and the media are always on the edge of their seat waiting to see what style she will debut next. When Brittney Spears first came on the scene as a singing and dancing teenager girl she captured the hearts of fans with her innocent face and beautiful and light brown hair. For several years she kept this hair color until she went to her signature blonde hair color in recent years. Brittney is actually very versatile and can wear a number of different hair colors. Brittney has worn her hair long and wavy and with big curls. She has also worn shoulder length straight bobs and even layered looks.
Brittney Spears Latest Fashion Style August 2009

Though many people are used to seeing her signature blonde color she has had her hair black and even dark brown. Brittney is a character so it is not uncommon to see her in various colored wigs in order to have a little fun. As controversial as Brittney has been people still clamor to keep up with her style and imitate her. She currently is wearing her signature blonde hair color but she still can occasionally be spotted with a darker hair color or even a wig. Brittney Spears is generally not a heavy makeup wearer. She likes to use heavy makeup on her eyes and cheeks but her lips are generally nude or even a light pink. However, Brittney is a true performance so there are times when she wears heavy makeup.

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Jazmine Sullivan Latest Fashion, Hairstyles, Makeup 2009

Jazmine Sullivan's Latest Fashion, Hairstyles, Makeup Summer 2009

Jazmine Sullivan wowed the crowd on August 15th when she appeared at the celebrity 7th Annual Hoodie Awards at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Dressed to the nines in a sophisticated sliver gray and black jumpsuit, she wore this great look that made the most of her waist with a wide black belt, short jacket and elegant black patent pumps. She made a fabulous fashion statement that was filled with star power and cool style.
Jazmine Sullivan's Latest Fashion Style

Jazmine Suillivan wears her hair long and for this event the style was sleek and sexy, brushed to fall gracefully across her shoulders and away from her face. With styling for volume and control, she kept this hairdo with enough height to keep a balance with her wide forehead and high cheekbones. This classy style made a wonderful frame for her face enhancing her features and showing off the detail of the shoulder jacket as well.
She chose her makeup in keeping with the silver theme of her wardrobe. Her eyes were accented with full lash mascara, high arched eyebrows, a lovely silver eye shadow and black eyeliner. Using a sultry mauve highlight on her cheekbones and lips added just the right touch of color to accent her wardrobe choice perfectly.
Her choice of the jumpsuit for this celebrity event played up her tall, graceful physique with great style with its simple lines and she added interest to the look by using the pleated/ruffled jacket that had a lovely sheen that enhanced her feminine charms.

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Audrina Patridge Makeup, Hairstyle Statement

Audrina Patridge Latest Makeup and Hairstyle Fashion Statement

Audrina Patridge made the scene at the TAO Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel and Casino on August 15th to help Rumer Willis celebrate her 21st birthday in style with some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood attending. As always, Audrina Patridge was wearing her fashion best for this special event with celebrities everywhere, she made her own stylish statement. For the occasion Audrina Patridge chose to wear her idea of the perfect “little black dress” that was short and sexy, completing her elegant appearance with open-toe 3 inch heels. Her sophisticated dress design of matte silk featured narrow straps and a sweetheart neckline enhancing her lovely swan neck.
Audrina Patridge Latest Makeup, Hairstyle, Fashion Style

Audrina Patridge prefers to wear her hair longer than average, reaching well below her shoulders almost to her tiny waist. For this evening out with friends, she wore her luscious golden brown hair pulled back on the right side of her face and swept across her left shoulder. The styling used was soft and relaxed, but full of movement that completed this pretty frame for her face with a strong part on the left and a long fringe bang swept to the right side.
Her makeup was natural with a tawny hue finishing her gold dusted appearance. Audrina Patridge has a beautiful complexion and her makeup choice blended with the tones in her hair color to give her a warm and earthy sex appeal. In total her appearance was perfect for an evening on the red carpet to help a special friend celebrate.

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