I love this outfit! The big glasses, slouchy cardigan and long necklace- I want it all!

In other news; I have so many outfits that I need to take pictures of, but I've had no time. I've been working 2 different theatre jobs for the past 2 months and have just been way too busy. I got some PINK DOC MARTENS which I've been incorporating into my outfits (they come in handy when your trudging around in the snow, loading in a set to 2 different schools a day), and I've been having so much fun with them!

P.S. one of my jobs is stage managing a touring show for school kids (theatre for young audiences; or TYA). I'm taking off on the road on Friday to travel across the country with it!
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Age and Your Skin

We're all getting older every day, but our skin ages differently, depending on heredity, general health, and how you have taken care of your skin. There are, however, some general stages in our skin's life.

Young people's skins are more delicate and thinner than those of adults. Infants with diaper rash and young children who are covered with scrapes, scratches, and bruises have less protection from the outside world than the adult whose skin has become toughened to handle the nicks and bumps of everyday living. The teenager whose oil-producing glands are increasing their activity will develop oily skin, oily hair, and acne.

When you get old, your skin becomes very thin and fragile, just as it as when you were a baby. Bumping your skin even a little bit can cause large bruises and blemishes. As your skin ages, it becomes saggy. Changes in hormones cut down the skin's oil supply and the skin becomes rough and dry, and "age spots" develop.

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Heredity and Your Skin

Heredity plays a big part in what your skin is and what it will be. If you are black, your skin is stronger than that of your white friends. Black skin is thicker and tougher, has greater protection from the sun's dangerous rays, and wrinkles much less-and much later-than fair skin.

Black people, even when they're seventy or eighty years old, usually have fewer wrinkles than white people who are in their fifties. And, if a black person hasn't been in the sun a lot during his or her lifetime, you may never see a wrinkle.

If you are blue-eyed, blonde, and fair-skinned with Scandina­vian or Irish relatives, your skin will usually be thin and delicate. This type of skin can't take exposure to the sun, wind, cold, or other harsh weather. It also develops wrinkles sooner than darker skin does.

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Some stuff that I like right now.

I'm loving the laid back casualness of these looks! And the pants. I covet the pants.

Jason Wu (Spring 09)

Louis Vuitton (Pre-fall 09)

Emanuel Ungaro (Pre-fall 09)

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sold my soul to rock n' roll

Just looking through some street style websites you can see there are a million and one ways to rock out...

Obviously the skinny jeans and leather jacket combo is a popular one these days. But hot nonetheless!
Pics from facehunter and hellooks.
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watch the Leopard as it streaks across the grassy plain...

A typical outfit I wear out. I found this shirt at a thrift store and when I got home I put it in my closet thinking I would never wear it... but now I wear it all the time! I like when that happens (not so much when you buy stuff thinking you'll wear it all the time, but it never leaves the confines of your closet until you finally send it back to the thrift store).

xtra long leopard shirt - thrifted
jeans - garage
bracelets - claires
belt - zellers
shoes - converse
geek glasses - new york novelties
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Big Buddha Spring 2009 Sneak Peek!

This is a Sneak Peek at some of the New Big Buddha Designs for Spring 2009Big Buddha continues to dominate The PVC Handbag Industry with all Sylish Bags under 100.00This is just a Peek of whats too come!The Fashion Plate Loves Big Buddha Handbags!

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Santi Evening Bags Featured in CosmoGirl Prom Edition

Gorgeous Santi Evening Bags Featured in COSMOGIRL PROM use 15% off at check out Code:Always15off

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