What is Lipstick Made Of?

Most lipsticks consist of a fatty base, to ensure that the product stays firm and solid but is easily spread over the lips, and color provided by pigments or dyes. Manufacturers put a lot of time, effort and money into making sure that their products are soft enough to cover the lips smoothly and with the minimum of pressure, do not fade too quickly and stay put while the owner of the lips does other things like eating, drinking, smoking or kissing. Manufacturers also test lipsticks for toxicity, since the product is often swallowed.

Although most lipsticks are sold in stick form you can buy lipsticks which are applied with a brush. This is slightly more time-consuming than using an ordinary lipstick but it is a technique favored by make-up experts and models who believe it produces a more precise and pleasing finish.

Lipstick colors vary in different lights so when choosing a color try to select it in the light thatyou11 be wearing it in: if, for example, you want a lipstick to wear under fluorescent light tryout lipsticks under fluorescent light. When a lipstick goes blue on your lips, by the way, it usually means that the color has begun to wear off.

If you suffer from dry, sore or chapped lips, use an ordinary moisturizer before you put lipstick on. http://myshabi.blogspot.com/2008/09/what-is-lipstick-made-of.html

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Tips and Guidelines for Skin Bleach

Bleach is a substance used to lighten color. Bleaches are most commonly used on the hair and the bleaching ingredient is usually hydrogen peroxide. This strips color from the hair fairly effectively but it can be dangerous if used without due care. Ideally it should only be handled by a skilled, professional hairdresser.

More recently, skin bleaches have become available. For example, there are products containing hydroquinone, a powerful chemical with the ability to remove pigmentation from the skin. This chemical is so powerful that it can actually turn dark skins white. Products containing this ingredient are sometimes used for the treatment of skin blem­ishes, freckles and so on, but do not recommend its use for any such procedure. Hydroquinone is unpredictable and you could end up with permanent, patchy depigmentation. http://myshabi.blogspot.com/2008/09/tips-and-guidelines-for-skin-bleach.html

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What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

An effective, efficient and permanent method of removing unwanted hair. Tiny needles are inserted into each hair follicle, one at a time, so the operator needs to be skilled. Once inside the follicle the needle destroys the hair root by using electricity to produce a chemical reaction. The main advantage with electrolysis is that it is usually permanent­ the hairs don't grow back again. The disadvantages are that it is slow, rather expensive and sometimes painful. Occasionally a skin reaction may be produced. Electro­lysis is probably best reserved for the most annoying or embarrassing excess hairs - such as those on the female face.


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Style Star: Katy Perry

Ok, so I find something about Katy Perry kind of annoying, and her hit song is played way too much on the radio. But, I would steal her entire wardrobe if I could!

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We are so excited to take on this gorgeous Affordable High End Handbag line

should be available end of September.

According to all the latest fashion mags, this season is heralding a return to the female form. Skinny belts, pencil skirts, and tailoring are replacing the figure-obscuring trapeze and bubble silhouettes.

This is Where Magnes Sisters comes in!

Their collection of handbags are graceful, clean, and resonate with a modern vintage appeal. Stylish and versatile, the bags are crafted in NYC with exclusively designed hardware, sumptuous Italian leather, vintage wools, and playful silky linings.
They're perfect to pair with everything from your skinny jeans to your DVF wrap dress. You can still bring out your ginormous bags from last season when it's time to smuggle popcorn and other contraband into movie theaters, but when you're not sitting in the dark, grab one of these adorable, fashion forward bags.

Check back soon!



oh, sweet.

I really like this. It's s/s 09 but so much of it is transferable to this fall...

Rag & Bone spring 2009

Points of interest: ciggarette pants/capris, suspenders, geekchic button up shirts, punk rock accessories
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Dressing Up Is Fun To Do

After my long absence I have TWO outfits for you!

outfit 1: worn to the downtown vancouver/gastown area for dinner with a friend, and milling about robson street.

jacket: bluenotes
shirt: bang-on!
purple pencil skirt: thrifted
belt: from a forever 21 dress
tights: the bay
bag: somewhere in calgary
shoes: converse

outfit 2: worn on the sunny sunday of labour day weekend (it looked cloudy and grey out... also i'm just really excited for fall?) to go see 'mama mia' with my mom and have dinner at sophie's cosmic cafe.

black velvet blazer: got it in a wardrobe swap
shirt: foot locker
purple pants: le chateau
bag: somwhere in calgary
heart locket: urban planet
pearls: great-grandmothers
belt: a rock shop in victoria
shoes: converse
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