Acne Tips - 3 Tips to Get Rid of Your Acne Infection Forever

Are you worried about your acne infection? Are you still concerned about your facial skin? Is your flawed skin tone starting to bother you way too often? If the answer to even a single question is 'yes', it's time you read this article with care.Keep Your Face Oil FreeBlemishes are known to strike at will. Especially if you are a teenager, the chances are that you may be suffering from either blackheads or whiteheads. To be able to get rid of them, you would be required to cleanse your face with fresh water and mild soap. You simply need to remove the excess oil from your face.Make Use Of A Face PackPollution and stress play a major role in aggravating the acne infection. In order to remove the pollutants from the surface of your facial skin, you simply need to apply a face pack, preferably a fruit facial, on a weekly basis. Likewise, you can try and soothe your mind by listening to soft music.Apply An Anti-Acne CreamThere are plenty of anti-blemish supplements available in the market today. In order to avoid the occurrence of whiteheads and blackheads, you need to try and apply an anti-blemish cream on a regular basis. These creams are readily available through an online store. Simply place an order and the cream of your choice would be delivered to your doorstep.In order to look good and maintain a flawless skin tone, you need to try and make use of the above mentioned tips on a regular basis.

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Sexy High Heels Need Sexy Feet

When I wear my favorite red high heels I have to know that my feet are looking their best. I love high heels, shoes that make me feel great about my legs make me feel good all over.When you put on some gorgeous high heels people will notice and they will also notice your feet so they must look as good as your shoes. Instead of spending your hard earned money at a salon you can do your own pedicure and save your cash for new shoes!To do your own pedicure requires that you gather some simple and inexpensive tools for the job and these are:- Nail varnish remover
- Cotton wool
- A bowl of warm water
- A rough sponge
- A foot fileTo get the best results from your DIY pedicure there is some preparatory work to be done first and these cheap tools will be all you need.Prepare your feet by first removing any old nail varnish using the nail varnish remover and cotton wool, you can buy special sticks with cotton wool on but we are saving money, right? Be sure to get into the edges and corners by the cuticles and thoroughly clean your nails.Once you have done this soak your feet in a bowl of warm water for five to ten minutes, this is a treat in itself so make the most of it. Once the skin is softened massage your feet all over with the rough sponge, this does two jobs in one, it relaxes your poor tired feet and exfoliates the dead skin cells leaving the skin looking fresh and soft.Dry your feet thoroughly especially between the toes and then you are ready for the foot file. Foot files generally have a rough and a smoother side, use the rough side first and then turn it over to finish the job. Concentrate on the heels, balls of your feet and the area underneath the big toes.When you are satisfied that you have gotten rid of the old, ugly dead skin then you can begin to bring those little tootsies back to gorgeousness. Use a good quality foot moisturiser and work it right into the skin. Take your time to do this step as it feels good and the deeper you get the cream into your skin the better.Now you need the next set of tools which are:- Cuticle sticks, some call them orange sticks
- Nail file
- Nail buffer
- Nail coat base
- Nail varnish.Use the cuticle sticks to gently push the cuticles up and around the base of the nail, the idea is to get a smooth and crisp line around the top of the nail, this will give your nails length.When you are happy with the look of your cuticles you can then trim your nails with a special clipper or with a pair of nail scissors. Care should be taken to only cut the nails straight across, cutting down the sides can lead to very painful ingrowing toe nails. After you have trimmed the nails use a nail file to smooth the cut edges.Next you will want to use the nail buffer to get the surface of the nail as smooth as possible. This will give the nail base coat and eventually the varnish a good surface on which to adhere. The finished product will then be stronger, more shiny and resistant to chipping. Now you are ready to paint.The first coat of varnish should always be a base primer coat, this will prpare the surface and allow the top coat to go on smoothly and without ripples. Take the brush and dip it into the base, wipe off excess against the side of the bottle, you do not want to overload it. Use three strokes, center, one side and then the other, use a finger nail or cuticle stick to remove any that gets onto the skin on your toe.Now, be patient, the base coat needs to dry thoroughly and that will take twenty minutes to half an hour. Do not be tempted to try and hurry it along by using a hairdryer, most varnishes are extremely flammable and you do not want to set your pinkies alight. When the base coat is dry use the same method of three strokes to apply the top coat, one coat is usually all that is required but allowing the same amount of time to pass and applying a second layer of varnish can make the color deeper and more vibrant. I love to use a wicked and very glamorous cherry shade to go with my red high heels.

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Is Dry Shampoo Right For You?

You may have heard of the many wonders of a product called dry shampoo. This convenient product is widely touted in some beauty circles, but the cynic in you might be wondering if this product can really offer anything to you in particular. Dry shampoo is a powder that you can apply to your hair to absorb the excess oil and make it look cleaner and smell fresher. Although many people use it successfully, whether or not it is a good fit for you depends on your hair styling habits, your hair's condition and texture, and your budget.First, consider how frequently you wash your hair. If you wash your hair daily and actually enjoy this process, you probably have no need for waterless shampoo. Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who can wash your hair and let it air dry and it looks perfect. If so, thank your lucky stars and stick to your routine. But if you are like most people and washing your hair is a bit of production, powder shampoo can help. For many of us, washing our hair is followed by conditioning, then blow-drying, then heat styling such as straightening, which adds up to a lot of time spent in the bathroom. Most of us wish we could get away with doing all of this less often, and dry shampoo enables us to take the easy way out sometimes. Also, people who travel or camp a lot will find it useful because it means lighter packing and a quicker beauty routine on the go.Hair condition and texture also play a role in determining if dry shampoo is right for you. If your hair gets greasy quickly, dry shampoo is made with you in mind. Since its primary effect is absorbing the oil in your hair, then it is great to keep on hand even if you do enjoy washing your hair frequently as you can use it for touchups throughout the day. On the other hand, if your hair is very dry, you may not even need it because you might be able to go a few days between washings without having the telltale slick look. If your hair is colored, dry shampoo can help you prolong the time between colorings since frequent washings are a surefire way to fade your color quickly. And if you use a lot of heat styling, this is a great way to give your hair a break from all of those damaging tools.Budget is another consideration for this product. Although you can find hair powder in any price range, some of the best dry shampoos can be pricey. Some people consider the convenience worth the effort. Also, when weighed against the cost of styling products and even your utility bills from using heat styling tools, it can actually work out to be cheaper. If cost is a big concern, you can also make your own, although it won't work as well as the commercial products.

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101 in 1001

I was going to make a list of 10 green things I wanted to accomplish in 2010. Instead, I am going to do a 101 in 1001 list. Yes, I am going to try to accomplish 101 different new things in 1001 days. I am going to start 1/1/2010 and my 1001 days will end 9/27/2012 (yes that does include the leap year in 2012). Wow, now that the dates are written out that is a long time.

So here it goes:

The mission: Complete 101 preset tasks on 1001 days.

The criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Items that have been completed will be strikedthrough.
Items that I am currently working on will be green.

1. This is the biggest one...Get the Hubs on board with the "green" lifestyle
2. Convert all cleaning products to eco-friendly ones, preferably homemade
3. Convert all beauty products to eco-friendly ones
4. Get educated with books and documentaries
5. Reduce the use of paper towels
6. Shop locally and at farmer's markets
7. Start composting
8. Use recycled toilet paper
9. Reduce water usage
10. Figure out a way to reduce junk mail

11. Visit friends in NC (2/2010)
12. Visit a US city I have never been to
13. Travel outside of the country
14. Visit friends that are moving to Omaha
15. Go to Vegas (7/9-7/16/2010)
16. Go see a Broadway show
17. Visit 5 attractions in the tri-state area that I have never been to or don't remember
18. Go to a vineyard (7/12/10)
19. Actually take pictures during my travels
20. Visit a National Park

21. Track my 101 in 1001 experience in my blog
22. Make 10 new recipes (10/10) +1
23. Take an activity class just for fun and not related to Grad School
24. Start making my own hair and beauty products
25. Give homemade products as gifts (and for feedback)

26. Finish Grad School(12/7/10)
27. Read 50 books that are not crime related (7/50)
28. Read 100 books not including 50 above (11/100)
29. Re-read "To Kill a Mockingbird" and remember why I love the book so much
30. Watch 5 documentaries on eco-friendly living (4/5)
31. Eat at 10 new restaurants (6/10)
32. Go to an opera
33. Learn to correctly tie a bow tie
34. Learn a new language
35. Be able to accurately label a US map
36. Be able to accurately label a map of Africa
37. Be able to identify 5 constellations
38. Learn about a current political issue and be able to speak on it intelligibly
39. Learn how to change the oil in my car

40. Finally change my name on all documents
41. Organize and clean my entire home
42. Paint the guest room
43. Donate clothes and shoes that the Hubs and I no longer wear
44. Make the bed every day for 1001 days
45. Make sure the kitchen is clean every day before I go to work for 1001 days

46. Send Christmas cards (12/2010)
47. Meet 3 online friends in real life (7/3/2010)
48. Have a GTG with people I have not seen since high school
49. Restart "Girls Night Out"
50. Go out to lunch with my mom and mother-in-law (5/8/2010)
51. Spend the day doing whatever the Hubs wants to do
52. Join an organization that will help my career goals

53. Donate to Sankofa International
54. Pay for the meal of someone behind me
55. Volunteer at a food bank or shelter
56. Donate to charities through CFC every year (1/3)
57. Put money in someones expired meter
58. Go to church more regularly

59. Get term-life insurance for the Hubs and I
60. Get a living will and trust for the Hubs and I
61. Reach our goal for our E-fund
62. Open ROTH IRA's for the Hubs and I
63. Become debt free except for the mortgage
64. Update my resume and have it reviewed by others
65. Make an actual effort to find my dream job
66. Research a stock and invest in it
67. Put $5 in savings for each task completed

68. Run 3 miles in 30 minutes
69. Run in an organized 5K
70. Train for a 10K
71. Swim 300 hours (1/300)
72. Eat vegan for a day
73. Eat raw for a day
74. Attend a spinning class once a week for a month
75. Go on a run with the Hubs
76. Get to my goal weight the healthy way
77. Go to a naturopath doctor (1/24/11)
78. Go to the doc and have the TTC discussion (OMG!) (2/11/10)

79. Spend an entire day with my goddaughter (just us and maybe the Hubs)
80. Get dressed up for a night on the town with the Hubs
81. Convince someone else to start 101 in 1001 (1/1/2010)
82. Write down 10 reasons why I love the Hubs and give it to him (6/13/2010)
83. Surprise the Hubs with a romantic evening
84. Embrace my inner beauty, Diva, bombshell, sexpot for a night
85. Watch a sunrise
86. Watch a sunset (3/18/10)
87. Kiss the Hubs in the rain

88. Buy a pair of shoes I want no matter the price (12/7/10)
89. Go to a professional tennis match(8/2-8/3/10)
90. Do B-pics as a gift for the Hubs
91. Go see "Sex and the City 2" with the girls(5/28/10)
92. Do Karaoke (12/25/10)
93. Play in the rain
94. Get the Hubs to act like a kid as much as I do for an activity
95. Buy a gift for the Hubs that will really surprise him and not worry about the price
96. Stay in a fancy room in a hotel for one night (maybe the penthouse!)
97. Go see Cirque du Soleil (7/13/10)
98. Take a dance class
99. Grow my hair for 1001 days only getting trims
100. Play Trivial Pursuit and learn some things (3/19/10)
101. Do something rewarding at the end on my 1001 days!!

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I know I have been MIA for a while. It is due to the holidays. I find them physically and mentally exhausting. I love my family and despite what they think I love being around them; it just drains me. I have had the energy for this in the past because I normally take 2-3 weeks off of work during this season. That gives me the time I need to recuperate. I did not do that this year because I am trying to replenish the leave I used for the wedding and the Hubs injury. I honestly did not even realize that I "needed" that time off until I did not take it this year.

It is not just the family I find draining. It is all the Christmas music, shopping, twenty-four seveness of it that drains me. And since I did not, I have been drained and now I am sick. I have not updated my blog, cooked, really cleaned (hanging my head in shame), or anything for weeks. I think since Thanksgiving. I am surprised the Hubs is still here now that I think about it.

In coming to this realization, I realize that I am an introvert. An introvert is defined as "
(psychology) a person who tends to shrink from social contacts and to become preoccupied with their own thoughts". Those who know me may say DUH, but I did not see myself this way. I do love going out, having fun, etc. etc., but I become drained from those outings and need my time alone to recover. Nothing wrong with that (in my opinion anyway). And now that I understand my psychoses I can handle them in a positive way. I will definitely take time off around the holidays in the future. I know I need it for my mental and physical health.

Oh yeah, and since I love to read (probably a quality of an introvert) "The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World" is added to my reading list. Yes, I am branching out from my crime, serial killer reading.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Kwanzaa Everyone!!

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Sarah Silverman Casual Fashion Style

Sarah Silverman Casual Fashion Style

Also known as “Big S” Sarah Silverman is a multi-talented American actress, comedienne, musician, writer and singer who has gained fame with her satirical comedy routines focused on controversial topics and social taboos. Her appearance underscored her irreverence for conformity by arriving for the premiere of the film "Inglourious Basterds" in New York at the SVA Theater, in distressed blue jeans, red denim-textured tee-shirt and retro sneakers, replete with backpack, but without any type of jewelry at all. Her casual attire gave her a carefree look and suited her personality well, while adding a bit of comedy to the dramatic backdrop that usually accompanies a movie premiere.
Sarah Silverman's Casual Styling

Making a controversial statement is the trademark for this young actress who has written for and performed occasionally on the television comedy series “Saturday Night Live” and now has her own show “The Sarah Silverman Program” on Comedy Central.
Because she is known for her unpredictability, her appearance in this ultra-casual attire was par for the course even in the midst of celebrities who were dressed to the nines. And in keeping with her radical, campus girl look, Sarah Silverman wore her hair in the classic ponytail parted on the side finished off with a side swept bang. Her makeup was simple and uncomplicated with the minimal amount of mascara to make her eyes noticeable. Sarah Silverman is blessed with a beautiful complexion allowing her the freedom to go au natural. She added a rosy shade of blush to match her lipstick that accented her beautiful smile.

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pop grits

ashley tisdale.

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Britney Spears Eye Makeup

Britney Spears Eye Makeup

The most noticeable elements in Britney Spears at first glance are her beautiful eyes. The eyes are often the center of attraction in most cases. To recreate the similar Britney Spears eye makeup, here are some simple steps you can take to get those dashing highlighted eyes.
For your eyelids, use a neutral shade on your lid and put on a faint pearly hue. You can also use other light shades like baby blue or frosty light ones. For the crease, put on a brown eye shadow close to a chocolate shade and blend on your skin well. To achieve a wide-eyed look, apply that similar shade on the outermost portion of your top eyelid and on your lash line with strokes going outward. With proper blending, you can have a dreamy look on your eyes. For your brow bone, apply a light shade that brings out the shape of your brows.
For the eyeliner, use a light to medium shade of brown. You could use a dry or wet liner brush for this. Apply faintly on the top of your lashes from corner to corner. What you are aiming for is a constant thin line. Put on a similar thin line on the bottom part of your lashes and finally another thin line on the inner portion of the eyes. Use black mascara for defining your eye lashes on both your upper and lower lashes. It is advisable to use the one that thickens the lashes as more is applied.

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Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher, Makeup Trends

Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher, Makeup Trends

It does not take one to be an actual desperate housewife just to look magnificent as Teri Hatcher, of the TV series’ hot stars. She may not look her age because of some beauty secrets she holds dear. However, here are some steps to recreate her stunning look.
Teri Hatcher

She stated that wearing less makeup can actually do you good than putting on too much. If you are over 40, it pays to put on fewer amounts of makeup. It helps you achieve a younger look. For this step, a tinted moisturized will do for giving you a beautiful glow.

Apply a shimmering brown eye shadow so that the eyes pop. Curl your eyelashes with the use of brown mascara for creating a natural look. For seductive yet subtle lips, first put on a neutral lip liner. Apply a faint shade of pink tint using a lip brush. A lip brush makes it appear natural because of the strokes it makes. For finishing your lip makeup, apply a sheer gloss instead of a matte finish. This can make your lips shine naturally.

For the cheeks, use a cream cheek blush on the apples of the cheeks. It can compliment your whole look by being subtle and not too flashy. In a nutshell, the desperate housewives makeup says a lot about wearing just the right makeup – the natural one. Being mature tends to stay away from bright colors and sticks to the ones that enhances the facial features rather than altering them.

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Chelsea Handler Hair, Makeup, Fashion Style

Chelsea Handler Hair, Makeup, Fashion Style

Chelsea Handler arrived in elegant celebrity style joining many other of the industry’s famous faces on the red carpet to celebrate the achievements of the honorees at the “Women in Film 2009 Crystal and Lucy Awards” ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.
True to form, Chelsea Handler wore a fabulous strapless taupe two-piece outfit that accented her curves beautifully. The strapless top was perfectly tapered from the bustline to the waist and designed to flow gracefully over the waist band of the contrasting dark gold knee length skirt with strappy gold, high heels. She finished off her impressive fashion statement with a hairstyle that matched her outfit with simple, understated elegant style.
Chelsea Handler

Full attention was on her face with her golden blonde hair swept up and away from her face to the back of her head with a swath of curved bangs grazing her forehead. The gold and toffee highlights brought out the natural beauty of her the hairstyle and complimented her facial features nicely. Her makeup provided a lovely color lift to the neutral tones of her clothing, starting with a foundation that gave her face a glow, she added ruby red lipstick and highlighted her eyes with a silver blue color to bring out her eyes. Keeping her accessories simple, Chelsea Handler wore silver drop earrings with a matching bracelet and carried a silver and gold tone clutch. Chelsea Handler choice of clothing was a fantastic choice for the evening that worked well on the red carpet without being over the top.

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Renee Zellweger Hair, Fashion, Makeup

Renee Zellweger Hair, Fashion, Makeup

The accomplished actress Renee Zellweger was one of the many celebrities on hand for the New York premiere of “The September Issue” at the Museum of Modern Art, making her appearance with a sophisticate refreshing style. Dressed with a heavy dose of glamour, her tangerine orange mini-dress was patterned with a gold floral motif making her look striking and dramatic. The sleeveless, scoop neckline blouson style pencil dress had a dropped waist for added interest toward her long stretch of leg finished off with a pair of beige, open-toe sandals. The mini-dress choice in this lively color was the perfect complement to Renee’s sparkling personality and wry sense of humor.
Renee Zellweger's Fashion Style

Renee Zellweger has beautiful facial features that were nicely accented by her hairstyle. The slightly off-center part formed the beginning of a full-fringe, side swept bangs formed a focal point to highlight her charming eyes. She wore her hair pulled back in a low ponytail, which seems to be a favorite style among celebrities attending this star-studded evening.
To pull this spicy, fresh look together, Renee Zellweger made an excellent choice in her makeup as well. With her intense blue eyes, the gold dust color eye shadow gave a nice lift to her complexion and the coral hue lipstick was reflected in the slight blush on her cheeks. All in all, the full effect of her fashion statement was a terrific boost to the spirit of the evening. The fans who appreciated the standout color of her dress as well as the beauty of Renee Zellweger.

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Elle: Street Chic Daily

Fashion editorials are amazing, but I think I'm most inspired by people's individual style. It's one thing to have a model wearing an outfit in a magazine, and another for a real woman to wear it out on the street- these are looks that really work.

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Eyebrow Envy

I don't know why, but I've become obsessed with Megan Fox's eyebrows:

They are ENTRANCING. And look, she even had gorgeous brows back in high school!

Life's unfair sometimes. But my brows arn't so bad; they're always there for me when I need em (which is... always?) At least I don't have some weirdo upwards pointing eyebrows that make me look angry all the time. Here are some more beautiful brows:

(Something is wrong with me when I start to like anything Miley related)

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hair down to there

these are some of the hairstyles i have been obsessing over recently. you can view the rest here.

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