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Полноприводный суперкар Ferrari FF

Впервые в истории итальянского бренда Ferrari получит систему полного привода. Широкой публике машина будет представлена в марте текущего года на моторшоу в Женеве.
Габаритная длина новинки составляет 4907 мм, ширина — 1953 мм, а высота — 1374 мм. Автомобиль на 5, 4 и 30 миллиметров соответственно больше, чем 612 Scaglietti, а также имеет четыре посадочных места и большой багажник, объем которого достигает 450 л (800 литров при сложенных задних сиденьях). Внешность суперкара Ferrari FF была разработана ателье Pininfarina под руководством шеф-дизайнера итальянского производителя Флавио Манцони.
Спорткар Ferrari FF на видео

Полноприводный суперкар Ferrari станет оснащаться полностью новым двенадцатицилиндровым двигателем объемом 6262 куб. см и мощностью 660 л.с. Максимальный крутящий момент составляет 683 Нм при 6000 об/мин. Мотор будет агрегатироваться с семиступенчатой роботизированной коробкой передач Getrag с двумя сцеплениями. Масса машины — 1790 кг, а соотношение мощности к массе — 368 лошадиных сил на тонну. Распределение веса по осям - 47:53 в пользу задней. По данным производителя, с нуля до ста километров в час новинка сможет разгоняться за 3,7 с и достигать максимальной скорости 335 км/ч.
Детальная информация о полноприводной трансмиссии Ferrari FF пока не разглашается. Пока лишь известно, что она, по словам представителей производителя, весит на 50% меньше, чем другие системы полного привода. В компании также уточняют, что подобная трансмиссия "постоянно, интеллектуально и предсказуемо перераспределяет крутящий момент ко всем четырем колесам".
Также новинка получила адаптивное шасси с магнитореологическими амортизаторами и мощные тормозные механизмы Brembo с карбон-керамическими дисками.
пиар в игре тюряга в контакте
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Sigma Travel Kit

A couple weeks ago I purchased the Sigma Travel Kit for $49. The kit comes with 7 brushes and there were 2 brushes added as a free gift. I have to say that I'm very impressed with these brushes especially since I got 2 free. But I have to say the quality is amazing, these brushes are so soft I couldn't believe it, they are definitely as good as MAC. The shipping was great everything got here in good condition.

The brushes come in this cute pouch that has a magnetic seal. I really liked the way that the product was presented everything came in a handy purple pouch with some leaflets.

It really felt like a lot of effort was put into the presentation which I really appreciate because it makes a huge difference to me. With this kit I received a couple of leaflets with information on each brush its use and how to clean them.
As a free gift I received the Sigma F50 Stippling brush and the E25 blending brush. So here are the brushes.

F30 Large Powder
Love this brush, I use this for my loose powder. It's really dense and fluffy it makes powder glide on to the face great for blending.

Foundation F60
I've got many flat foundation brushes but this one is great, it's super soft and the bristles are very flexible it really blends the product.

Large Angled Contour F40
I use this for my bronzer to really buff it in, I like this brush but it tends to fan out a bit too much losing its shape.

Eye Shading E55
Great brush for packing color on the lid, it's very soft and makes blending easy.

Pencil E30
A handy brush for blending the lash line, applying an inner corner highlight and putting color on the crease.

Tapered Blending E40
I love this brush for applying my concealer it gives an airbrush effect and really covers blemishes. I don't think I will ever use my finger to apply concealer again.

Concealer F70
Well Ironically this is the concealer brush again it's very soft but I'm sticking to the E40.

Duo Fibre F50
My favourite brush so far it's amazing for applying foundation gives a truly airbrushed but natural look.

Blending E25
Another favourite this brush is a must for eyeshadow it's so soft, I love using this to blend out my eyeshadows.

So there are the Brushes I am definitely going to purchase more because I feel the quality is really great for the price. I think using good brushes to apply makeup is important. After using these brushes for the first time I really saw a difference, my makeup looked much more natural and effortless.

The only thing I would say is that these brushes do shed a bit and after washing them as recommended they did shed a lot. Which is rather annoying because I don't have time to pick hairs off of my face after using every brush. But after using them continuously they do shed a lot less which is a relief.

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2011 Oscars Red Carpet

Every year I follow the Oscars it's the most glamourous event of the year and I always look forward to seeing some amazing dresses and jewelry. This year I felt a bit disappointed because in my opinion it wasn't nearly as glamourous as last year. Many stars opted for more simple dresses than what you would usually see. Here are a few of my favourites this year.

Hilary Swank in Gucci

Halle Berry in Marchesa
Natalie Portman in Rodarte
Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture
So these are a couple of my favourites I really like Cate Blanchett's dress I've already seen on the worst dress list but I don't care, this somewhat of an unsual dress but that's why I love it I think the beadwork is amazing and combined with the yellow it's really different.

I love the metallic and nude dresses and I definitely like some sparkles but there wasn't really anything outstanding to me. I really like Natalie Portman's dress I think the deep plum color is divine and really suits her, she looked amazing. 

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Balloon Dresses

Recently, as you have seen, the balloon dresses are back in fashion It is interesting as fashion are cyclical and always repeats the above. In this case, are balloon dresses which again take to the delight of his followers?
When you know which balloon dresses selected will take into account various characteristics, since it will not get a dress the same balloon long sleeve a balloon sleeve dress cutting.

Beautiful Balloon Dresses With Cute Mode

Charming Balloon Dresses On Blue

Elegant Balloon Dresses With Gold Color

Depending on the season in that we decided to go with other colors. If you are in spring summer season it is best to choose colors yellow, white or orange. On the contrary, if we are in the season Autumn Winter colors we use blue, red or black.

Sweetly Balloon Dresses With Simple Ribbon Combination

Amazing Balloon Dresses

Simple Balloon Dresses With Cute Design

Sexy Gray Balloon Dresses
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Рейтинг самых популярных цветов автомобилей от DuPont

Один из крупнейших в мире производителей автомобильных лакокрасочных покрытий компания DuPont (США) составила рейтинг наиболее популярных цветов автомобилей на мировом рынке.
Лидером, как и ранее, является серебристый цвет, на долю которого приходится 26% продаж новых автомашин. С небольшим отрывом далее следует черный (24%), затем белый и серый (по 16%).
Наиболее популярные цвета 2010 года:
1. Серебристый – 26%
2. Черный – 24%
3. Белый – 16%
4. Серый – 16%
5. Красный – 6%
6. Синий – 5%
7. Коричневый/бежевый – 3%
8. Зеленый – 2%
9. Желтый/золотой – 1%
10. Другие – 1%
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Penny Mathis Fashion Shoot 2011

Penny Mathis is a very hot glamour model who is causing a sensation across the internet over her racy photo shoots. She loves to dress up. Lucky for us, because she has one of the best bodies going. She is known for her extra hot photos, so if you’ve never heard of her until now, this is the best time to get a good look at Penny Mathis
 Penny Mathis Fashion Shoot 2011

Californian glamour model Penny Mathis has caused fans great amounts of frustration with her permanently hidden bolt-on boobs. The non nude model has some seriously fake fun bags, but a fine toned figure and a good looking face. Sadly, there's not much else we know about her, but unless she starts putting more of her mammaries on show, her modelling days may be numbered.

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Chocolate Fashion 2011

 Chocolate Fashion 2011

 Chocolate Fashion 2011 Chocolate Fashion 2011 Chocolate Fashion 2011 Chocolate Fashion 2011Chocolate Fashion 2011 Chocolate Fashion 2011 Chocolate Fashion 2011

Chocolate Fashion 2011

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Amazing Copper Lingerie

  Amazing Copper Lingerie

  Amazing Copper Lingerie
  Amazing Copper Lingerie
  Amazing Copper Lingerie
  Amazing Copper Lingerie
  Amazing Copper Lingerie 
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kim kardashian sexiest look

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian seen on yacht in Miami during a day off of filming their reality tv show. Kim looked very fit in her bikini as she sipped on an orange drink as sister Kourtney chatted on her cellphone.

 kim kardashian sexiest look
 kim kardashian sexiest look  kim kardashian sexiest look
 kim kardashian sexiest look
 kim kardashian sexiest look

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