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5 Most Disgusting Beauty Treatments

I recently wrote about the 5 most extravagant beauty treatments around, so I thought why not talk about some less glamorous treatments that people spend a lot of money on.

1. Geisha Facial, Nightingale Droppings.
This classic Japanese treatment started many many years ago when Geisha's used this to remove their thick clay makeup at the end of the day. The droppings contain skin lightening properties and enzymes that help brighten dull skin. The droppings themselves are sterilized and turned into a powder to create a face mask. As crazy as it sounds even Victoria Beckham is a fan of the treatment.

2. Bull Semen Hair Treatment.
This deep conditioning Hair treatment is a result of an aberdeen angus bull and a plant called ketara. The root of a  protein rich plant from Iran. It is applied to wet hair for 30 mins then rinsed out, it is supposed to give your hair the ultimate shine. You can find this treatment at Hari's salon in Knightsbrige for £55.

3. Snail Slime
Apparantly snails make a protein that repair injuries in their shells, so someone thought it would be a good idea for people to put on their faces. The slime contains: collagen, glycolic acids and peptides. Elicina Cream claims to help with fine lines, acne, stretch marks and hyper-pigmentation. Fans include Madonna and Rachel Weisz.

4. Fish Pedicure
This has been around for a while now and is becoming quite popular, coming from Turkish spas these tiny toothless fish nibble away at the dead skin on your feet to leave you with healthy new skin. This does sound rather strange but is becoming a lot more common here in the UK.

5. Beetles In Cosmetics,
In case you didn't know a lot of your cosmetics such as: lipsticks, eyeshadows and blush contain something called carmine pigment. Basically the crushed shell, wings and eggs of a beetle! this has been used for many years to give that rosy tint to food and cosmetics. So there's something to think about.