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Dr Hauschka: Brand Investigation

Dr Hauschka may not be well known to all, but if you're into skincare then you should be familiar with the name. Dr Hauschka is a line of natural skincare and makeup with a big celebrity fanbase including Jennifer Aniston.

According to Dr Hauschka the majority of ingredients are grown biodynamically and organically or ethically harvested, which sounds like great news. It also mentions that none of the ingredients come from any organizations that involves animal testing.

The brand also has certification that all the products are met with the strongest criteria available for natural ingredients in cosmetics.

Dr Haushcka has a number of very popular products notably the Rose Day Cream

Dr Haushcka Rose Day Cream £21

The Rose Day Cream is a moisturizer for dry, sensitive and mature skin, described as a rich, luxurious daily moisturizer. This product claims to protect the outer layer of skin against dryness and irritation. Extracts of rose petals and avocados soothe and renew red and irritated skin.

Approximately 20 rose flowers go into each tube of cream and each tube of cream is said to last 3 months if used as directed.

I really like the brand because they use natural products and do not test on animals, I also really like the packaging which is luxe but simple. The price is also affordable so overall I would purchase some products such as the Rose Day Cream.