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Addiction To Lip Balm?

Ever thought you might be addicted to lip balm? well apparently it's totally possible. Apparently it is possible to become dependent on it over time. The only reason why I'm mentioning this is because I happened to read an article about this and there it hit me, I'm way beyond the point of addiction. So I thought it would useful to let others know this too!

I'll be honest I've always had this thing for lip balm for a really long time now, I carry one around everywhere I go. I can't even go to sleep if I'm not wearing lip balm and most often I will wake up at night to reapply. It sounds crazy I know, it must be at least 3 years now I'm into this routine and like any addict I'm not really interested in quitting.

So how does this happen? well when your lips peel it sends a message to the deeper layer of skin to produce new skin cells, and when you use a lip balm regularly you create a barrier on the skin and by keeping the lips moisturized the signal to produce new skin stops and slows down production.

So if you stop using lip balm your lips will return to normal, and for anyone who has tried this will notice that it is quite difficult if not pushing impossible because as soon as your lips feel dry, usually that is within 5 minutes of not using anything you lick your lips and then it feels even worse. But it is possible to stop you just have to go cold turkey and just get rid of the stuff!

 Is anyone facing this problem?