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Maxitone Sculptress Diet Protein Shakes

I recently heard of this product whilst reading my glamour magazine, I love drinking protein shakes and regularly drink Slim Fast, Superdrug Meal Replacement shakes and my favourite Complan. I have previously tried Maxitone Promax before and it tasted quite good. I really like this protein shake in particular because it contains 30 % protein designed to keep you full longer, contains lots of good nutrients and doesn't aim to add any muscle.

Sculptress contains 30 % of your RDA and 22 vitamins and minerals, it also contains green tea extract to add metabolic support. Each 50g serving contains only 209 calories, lower than a Slim Fast shake that contains 230 calories. It also comes in 3 flavours : Banana Split, Chocolate Delight and Strawberry Sundae.It is also suitable for vegetarians All you have to do is add 2 scoops to 250 ml water and mix. However the fact that it does not come in vanilla is a big minus for me because I really like vanilla shakes. You can purchase a 750 g box for £29.99 which should last around 30 days. 

I'm really interested in this protein shake I've tried quite a few before and really enjoy drinking this as a meal replacement or after a workout. The price is quite high but I would definitely purchase this at least once!