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Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave - in Conditioner

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance - I got this because my hair is in dire need of some attention, and for some reason I seemed to have abandoned conditioners all together. I had tried another spray leave in conditioner from Aussie before and it was quite good but I only used it a few times and forgot about it. However I quite seem to like this one and I think I will stick to it.This conditioner is for "weak & distressed hair" it also contains Australian Jojoba oil to detangle and protect hair. 

I really like that this is a spray in conditioner, it saves a lot of time and it really does detangle, I spray this in my hair and leave a few minutes then I can easily comb it out with no fuss! This also happens to leave my hair so soft and I think it also makes my hair dry faster for some reason. 

The Aussie Miracle philosophy is "There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start" I like it! I really like this conditioner, it smells so good and leaves hair feeling fresh and really soft! it's really reasonably priced and does what it says on the bottle. So I definitely recommend this to everyone.